It’s a beautiful day…♪♪♪♪♪…. Don’t let it get awayU2 (😏) think that November 29th is a beautiful day to unleash the formidable power of generosity?  Giving Tuesday is fuelled by a conviction that is at the heart of all the initiatives we undertake in favour of animals and the environment: by acting together, we can turn a ripple into a wave of change. Each and every action counts so we will definitely not be letting this beautiful day get away without making our voice heard😊.

Help us help them. Our projects need you, today, more than ever!”


Now is the time to take action

So, as you can see, today it is all about caring, sharing and giving. The last thing we want to do is to put a dampener on this positive way of thinking, but a few facts should nevertheless be borne in mind: the world has lost nearly 50% of its wildlife over the last 50 years, and it is estimated that every twenty minutes an animal or plant species disappears on our planet[1]. We could go on reminding ourselves of all that is at stake for the future. But today is a day of rejoicing, so we’ll just talk about the other side of the coin!!!


You have the power to make change happen

This alarming outlook leaves us no choice but to take action. And that’s good news! Being aware is no longer enough, the time has come to actually do something about it as can be seen in various initiatives all over the world, just like “Giving Tuesday”. We all have something to contribute towards a more sustainable future, by doing what we can, each in our own way.

We have, YOU have, the power to make change happen by supporting one of Equestrio Foundations’ projects.


Supporting projects with Equestrio Foundation

Preserving gorillas, helping stray dogs, protecting wildlife, saving the lynx, fighting animal abuse, cleaning up the oceans or Swiss lakes, reforesting the African mangrove swamps,…we finance a wide array of human-scale projects with concrete impact. Among the 22 initiatives we support, there’s definitely one for you!

When giving to Equestrio Foundation you can be sure that your donations go 100% towards the projects we support. Alicia Heiniger, president of the foundation, finances all overheads. This means, in other words, that your generosity will not be used to pay our salary, our communication costs or any other expenses for our foundation!


A glimpse at our actions. What will yours be?

Here is a snapshot of our projects. We need you to support them over the long term.


Want to protect the greatest of primates?


The issue

Did you know that 25% of medicine used by humans comes from the rainforest? You would naturally think that we ‘d take extremely good care of this precious source of health and of the wildlife that contributes to its ecosystem…Not really. Since the 60’s, 50% of the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed and 77% of the gorilla population has disappeared in just 20 years.

Our action

Following a unanimous vote from the Equestrio Foundation community, we decided to support the association “Gorilla” for its action in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We financed the equipment for the eco-guards of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park that act in the field to protect Gorillas and preserve them in their natural habitat.

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Want to save the bees?

Apidae – “Today we sow”

The issue

Bees contribute to 75% of the world’s food production thanks to pollination. However, over the course of the last 20 years, 80% of insects in Europe have disappeared and bees could become extinct by 2050 if no action is taken.

Our action

Equestrio Foundation financed the whole 2022 “Today we sow” project organised by the APIDAE. This initiative consisted in the distribution of 10 000 melliferous grain packets to Geneva canton schools with a twofold objective: helping provide food for bees and raising awareness among the young generations of their importance for the planet.

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Want to fight against plastic pollution?

Trail & sea

Thibaut Baronian and it's team collecting waste on a beach in Cape Verde

The issue

It is estimated that 8 to 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans each year. In other words, every minute, the equivalent of a rubbish lorry full of plastic is dumped into the oceans. This type of waste constitutes the largest source of sea pollution and Cape Verde is no exception to this.

Our action

We supported the project Trail & Sea – an adventure combining sports and environment undertaken by the French trail running champion Thibaut Baronian. He clocked up 8 islands, 8 summits and 400 km in 15 days whilst collecting plastic waste on the way and participating in educational sessions on environmental protection.

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Want to contribute to reforestation?

Plantons Utile

Photo of a woman planting mangrove seedlings

The issue

Almost 80% of the world’s deforestation is caused by agricultural production and, in Africa, nearly 4 million hectares of African forests are being cut down each year, at almost double the rate of the average world deforestation. This has a devastating impact on the climate, ecosystems, biodiversity and, inevitably, on human beings.

Our action

Equestrio Foundation supported the development of an agro-ecological farm led by the association Plantons Utile with the planting of 20 000 mangrove trees in Casamance (Senegal). In order to achieve a long-term impact, we also helped finance the training of the local population and environmental awareness sessions.

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Want to help pets in distress?

Gostomel Animal Shelter

Photo of an abandoned dog standing with its paws on a fence at the Gostomel Shelter

The issue

The war in Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on animals too.  Following bombings, the Gostomel Animal Shelter, a centre located 20 km from Kiev and home to 700 stray dogs and cats, was left with no water and electricity. Despite the Russian army’s siege of the city, the staff and a few courageous volunteers stayed by the side of the animals to fight for their lives.

Our action

At Equestrio Foundation, we decided to offer financial support to the shelter dedicated to the purchase of food, gas for the generator and various other needs during these difficult times.


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Want to take action for the preservation of water in Swiss Lakes?

Lakes Odyssey

The issue

Did you know that despite their apparently pristine clarity, some of the Swiss lakes turn out to be as polluted as the oceans? One of the main culprits, alongside plastic waste, is cigarette butts, with mainly 1,000 litres of water polluted for a single cigarette butt.

Our action

To fight against the deterioration of this precious natural heritage, we offered financial support to Swiss swimmer Noam Yaron, who set himself the challenge of swimming across the 5 largest Swiss lakes in less than 15 days with the aim of raising awareness of water pollution.

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Want more actions? It’s all here.


How to play your part

So, ready to do good with Equestrio Foundation? Whatever the project, whatever the amount and, of course, whatever the currency (!), it’s time, today, more than ever, to make a donation. And as always, help us give nature a voice and spread the giving spirit by sharing this article with as many people as possible!  

Each action counts, each donation counts.



[1] « Environmental emergency is not restricted to climate emergency  only», Christian Amblard, Le Monde, publié le 4/02/2021


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