Gostomel Animal Shelter – Ukraine

We can all see it from afar, on our televisions and phones, the war in Ukraine is leaving no one untouched. Men and women, children and the elderly, humans and animals, silent victims of the conflict.



At the Gostomel Animal Shelter, located 20 km from Kiev, nearly 700 stray dogs and cats can find peace in a place that, a few months ago, shielded them from the cruelty of the world. Things have changed now. Following the bombing by Soviet forces in February, the centre was left with no water and electricity for many long days, leaving the animals and the staff in extremely strenuous conditions. Despite the Russian army’s siege of the city, the staff, together with a few courageous volunteers, are strongly determined to stay by the side of the animals who are more vulnerable than ever.


With each war, has its everyday heroes. For the Gostomel Animal Shelter, that hero is 78-year-old Valery Nikolaveich. On March 14th took, he took advantage of a humanitarian evacuation corridor to bring back to the shelter a generator, fuel and food for the animals and staff.


At Equestrio Foundation, we have decided to support financially the Gostomel Animal Shelter to help them pursue their mission. Our funding will contribute to the purchase of food, gas for the generator and any other needs during these difficult times. Every call for help counts, no matter what, we will always listen to them.


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The Gostomel Animal Shelter is a shelter for stray pets in the Kiev countryside. It is run by the Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals, which has been working since 1960 towards a more respectful treatment of animals.

Created in 2000 in the premises of an old farm, the centre takes in and cares for nearly 700 abandoned cats and dogs with the aim of finding them a new family. Although the shelter’s teams work in very spartan infrastructures and conditions, they devote all their energy -and with great success- to the well-being and health of their animal residents.

More than ever, they need our donations to carry out their mission.

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Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!

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