Every action counts and deserves to be heard. Equestrio Foundation selects human-scale projects in order to promote them, support them and pay tribute to the workers behind the scenes who are the driving force of these projects. To make visible the invisible.

Easy Horse Care Rescue Center

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre is a refuge based in Spain that rescues and rehabilitates neglected or abused horses, ponies and donkeys. A place completely dedicated to the well-being of one of man’s most beautiful companions. Discover

Elephant Haven

Because these venerable pachyderms deserve respect, the European Elephant Sanctuary is the first European sanctuary dedicated to zoo and circus elephants. Discover

Lampedusa Turtle Rescue

Lampedusa Turtle Rescue is dedicated to rehabilitate and reintroduce marine turtles back into their habitat. They work towards spreading awareness on the importance of these endangered species and the threats they face every day. Discover


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