Every action counts and deserves to be heard. Equestrio Foundation selects human-scale projects in order to promote them, support them and pay tribute to the workers behind the scenes who are the driving force of these projects. To make visible the invisible.

Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva – ASL

Equestrio Foundation is financing a series of videos produced in collaboration with the humourist Thibaud Agoston to raise awareness about the preservation of the water in Lake Geneva. An exciting project that contributes to enhancing local natural areas, which is a major preoccupation for us. Discover

Plantons Utile

Planting trees to preserve our so precious biodiversity. Let’s take a trip to Casamance, in Senegal, with Plantons Utile and its agro-ecological farm project. A 360° initiative, just the way we like it. Discover

Trail and Sea

Take a trip to Cape Verde with Thibaut Baronian, the French trail champion who, from beaches to summits, definitely spares no effort to raise awareness about the risks of plastic pollution...A thrilling adventure! Discover


Animal, the latest film directed by the militant ecologist, Cyril Dion, warns us about the mass extinction of animal species and how we can prevent this from happening. It's a journey around the world with two teenagers, who make us think anew about our relationship to the living world. Discover

The Athénas Centre

For over 30 years the Athénas Centre, based in the Jura region (France), has been hosting and curing injured wild animals before setting them free again in their natural environment. Discover


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