Every action counts and deserves to be heard. Equestrio Foundation selects human-scale projects in order to promote them, support them and pay tribute to the workers behind the scenes who are the driving force of these projects. To make visible the invisible.

YouCare – New Life

What can be done to help stray animals and prevent them from the sad destiny that they often face - so-called "convenience" euthanasia? With its "New Life" program, YouCare aims to save a maximum of abandoned animals on the Reunion Island by helping them find a permanent home. Discover

L’Odyssée des Lacs

Passionate about sport and the environment? Our new project, “L’Odyssée des Lacs”, is just right for you! The crazy and 100% responsible challenge of Noam Yaron who set himself the target of swimming across the 5 largest Swiss lakes to raise awareness about the protection of their waters. Discover


You’ve expressed your desire to take action for gorillas. We’ve heard you! Equestrio has decided to help finance the association Gorilla, which supports the eco-guards of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo in their perilous mission to protect these powerful primates. Discover


"Today we sow” ...to save bees! Equestrio Foundation supports APIDAE by financing the creation and distribution of 10,000 sowing packets to children in Geneva. Discover

Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva – ASL

Equestrio Foundation is financing a series of videos produced in collaboration with the humourist Thibaud Agoston to raise awareness about the preservation of the water in Lake Geneva. An exciting project that contributes to enhancing local natural areas, which is a major preoccupation for us. Discover


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