Every action counts and deserves to be heard. Equestrio Foundation selects human-scale projects in order to promote them, support them and pay tribute to the workers behind the scenes who are the driving force of these projects. To make visible the invisible.

Clean my Calanques

They aim to collect as much waste as possible in the city and Marseille's Calanques. Clean My Calanques is a team of committed citizens who roll up their sleeves because they are convinced that each little step will help save the planet. Discover

YouCare – New Life

What can be done to help stray animals and prevent them from the sad destiny that they often face - so-called "convenience" euthanasia? With its "New Life" program, YouCare aims to save a maximum of abandoned animals on the Reunion Island by helping them find a permanent home. Discover

Emergency Morocco

Morocco needs us. So do its animals. Find out how Equestrio Foundation helped animals in distress, harmed by the terrible earthquake that hit the country. Discover


ON EST PRÊT. And you? Take a deep dive into our oceans and new project "Bakélite”, a poetic film that reminds us how devastating plastic pollution is for our oceans and how urgent it is to take action to protect them. Discover

Mountain riders

Both strong and fragile, the mountain needs us. The Mountain Riders association has understood this for sure and is committed to protecting it with the "Zero Waste Mountain" operation, a waste reduction programme that aims to free nature from what we have imposed on it. Discover

Sauvetage Faons Jura bernois

Equestrio Foundation supports the Sauvetage Faons Jura Bernois association which provides farmers with free use of a drone so that they can detect the presence of fawns in their fields before cutting the hay. Discover


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