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What if we were all to be given a second chance? This is what the French association YouCare strives to offer to stray pets with its “New Life” project.

In France, between 50,000 and 100,000 convenience euthanasias are performed each year on abandoned animals. A record at the European level. Launched in October 2021, the “New Life” programme aims to coordinate the efforts of independent animal protection structures and to help them save these animals from this sad fate. To achieve its mission, YouCare calls on the precious strength of its network: more than 350 partner associations, foster families, but also a great online community that all work together to offer a new destiny to abandoned animals.


And fortunately, for this network, distance is not issue… Because on the Reunion Island, where the number of stray dogs/cats is particularly high, the situation is very worrying with more than 1,000 euthanasias per month. A response which is clearly not a solution for these animals, as well as for the local associations which work towards their protection.

Standing by their side, YouCare has been supporting them since 2021 in the implementation of sterilization campaigns to curb the problem of stray cats and dogs at the root as well as in the organisation of their transfer to the French mainland in order to find them an adoptive family.


Equestrio Foundation has decided to support these initiatives by funding the sterilization of at least 50 animals and the transfer of a minimum of 33 dogs or cats.


Because we believe they definitely deserve a New Life…a better life.


YouCare was created in 2020 to support projects aimed at protecting animals and biodiversity throughout the world. Its all-encompassing actions address all aspects of biodiversity preservation: from the safeguard of natural habitats to the protection of endangered species or the rescue of animals in distress.


YouCare’s teams work directly in the field or in partnership with other associations by offering human, logistical and financial support. To date, the association has already provided more than 1.9 million meals for abandoned animals, planted close to 110,000 trees around the world, removed 56 tons of plastic waste from the oceans and planted several hundreds of coral nurseries.

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Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!


Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!

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