Equestrio Foundation

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Equestrio Foundation is a private foundation created in 2019 by Ms Alicia Heiniger, an entrepreneur passionate about horseback riding, animals and the environment. The foundation is part of the Equestrio Group (EG) and bears the name of the online magazine Equestrio, of which Ms Heiniger is the founder and CEO. Being a relatively new foundation, innovative in its form, the overall objective of Equestrio Foundation is to support financially, and through communication, human-scale projects and people who work for the environment preservation and animal protection.

Guided by the strong conviction that every action counts, Equestrio Foundation not only financially supports its partners and its projects, but also helps to highlight the work of these “hidden heroes” by producing strong images and reports to highlight their stories and their incredible work. Driven by the belief that we are all interconnected – humans, animals and the environment – and that our well-being is, in essence, linked to the well-being of the environment and the animal species of our planet, Equestrio Foundation is contributing to preserve this fragile balance which allows our world to exist.

The team

Men argue. Nature acts.


Photographers, video artists, volunteers, explorers of all kinds, they declare their passion for Mother Nature.

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Men argue. Nature acts.