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The earth creates and gives. Sometimes it destroys and takes back. On 8 September 2023, in Morocco, it shook with an earthquake of magnitude 6.8, the strongest ever recorded in the country. The toll: almost 3,000 people killed, and many more lives shattered.


Shaken by this disaster, the Moroccan people and the international community mobilized en masse in a magnificent wave of solidarity to rescue the population.


In the face of such disasters, all victims deserve to be heard, even the most silent. At Equestrio Foundation, we have decided to support animals in distress with a donation to the IFAW, which has been at the forefront of animal protection and welfare for over 50 years. This funding will be sent directly to Noah’s Ark, a trusted partner based in Morocco and authorized to operate in the field.


Our funds will contribute to the purchase of pet food for families and of veterinary equipment to treat injured dogs, cats and equines, as well as those requiring surgery in a veterinary clinic.

While our Foundation’s main aim is to support projects over the long term, our human-scale structure allows us also to take action rapidly in case of emergency. But always with the same requirement: to have a tangible and traceable impact. Thanks to our close-knit relations with our partners, we can identify the right associations with whom to join forces in these races against time.


Founded in 1969 by British environmental campaigner Brian Davies, IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is a global non-profit that carries out high-impact actions to help animals and people thrive together. The organization works in more than 40 countries around the world to rescue and care for animals, as well as to restore their natural habitats in collaboration with local populations. Resolutely results-oriented, IFAW bases its work on the conviction that it is essential to take a fresh look at complex problems to find a solution. Its members provide hands-on assistance in collaboration with numerous partners to implement innovative methods, making a point of always being present on the front line.

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Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!

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