You’ve probably already heard that you have to “shoot for the moon to land among the stars”[1]? Well, to be totally honest, we’re not really shooting for the moon, and neither for the stars (although we wish you plenty of them in your life!). However, we are clearly focusing on our planet and keeping our feet firmly grounded. That’s why, at Equestrio Foundation, we’ve decided to support human-scale projects that demonstrate tangible and clearly measurable impact. Because we love to see the results of our actions…and we know you do too.




To each his own type of commitment



When faced with the extent of the collapse of the living world and of the climate crisis, one cannot but acknowledge that saving wildlife and our environment has now become a massive challenge.


If we want to make change happen, it is clear that awareness must urgently be turned into action. Everywhere and for everyone. All over the world, across cities and the countryside, on land and in the sea. At political, institutional, financial, corporate, associative and individual levels. Presented in this way, the battlefield, or rather the “universe of possibilities”, can have quite the same effect as a 4×4 Rubik’s cube game. But it also means that there are multiple possible solutions to transform the world. There is room for many different actions, this great challenge can become a part of everyone’s story and responsibility



Funding human-scale projects


At Equestrio Foundation we have made a clear choice. Our own story and responsibility is to support, through funding and communication, human-scale projects that target a precise cause, carried out by experts in their field and on which we can have a concrete impact.


Why ?


For results


We support human-scale projects because we believe that in a world where we are depleting natural reserves by living beyond our ecological means, the very question of the efficient use of resources – be they energy, financial or human – must be at the heart of all reflection.



Efficient use of donations


We want our donations – and yours – to be used well and sensibly. Our goal is to ensure they are turned into simple, concrete and effective actions. The foundation therefore selects each initiative that it supports according to its current and future viability. By choosing medium-sized projects, we improve our visibility on these parameters.


Our transparency, the key to your trust


We are committed to following rigorously the implementation of all the actions we finance and to communicating on the evolution of projects through our reports, news and social networks. Our donors can hence enjoy first-hand feedback on their donations and share their commitment to inspire others! This transparency is, for us, the sine qua non of your trust.



For encounters and sharing


We support human-scale projects because we take a human-focused approach to everything we do.


Getting to know the project leaders to support them better


We go out to meet project leaders geared by the will to give voice to these hidden heroes who move the world forward, all too often in silence. We get to know them in order to support them better. No red tapes, no intermediaries, we go straight to the point… becoming at the same time veritable experts on a wide range of topics (!), from the quantity of hay ingested by an elephant in a year, to the way to save a pig rescued from a slaughterhouse, to release a lynx into the wild or to plant trees in the mangrove.


Long-term support


Our aim is to build clos-knit partnerships over at least three years in order to ensure that our support has a lasting impact. Making the action sustainable is another way of using donations in an efficient and respectful way.



For our donors who want to take concrete action for tomorrow


We support human-scale projects because we listen to our donors – to their convictions, their aspirations and their needs.


A philanthropy with concrete impact


A growing number of people, especially among the younger generation, are promoting accessible, direct and impactful philanthropy.


In response to the damage we are paradoxically inflicting on our planet and to the rise of individualism, the good news is that philanthropy is blooming, with a 13.7%[2] growth in donations in France between 2019 and 2020. According to the latest France générosités barometer, knowing “the effectiveness of one’s actions” stands as the first motivation of French donors, just before “the cause supported” and “financial transparency”. It makes sense. Your generosity deserves a return on investment: the effectiveness of your commitment.


Accessible philanthropy


To put in plainly, by selecting human-scale projects we don’t go for stratospheric sums of money and that’s just as well – as we said, we’re not shooting for the moon nor the stars. You can therefore be sure that each donation plays an instrumental role in enabling project leaders to carry out their missions. The act of philanthropy becomes accessible to the greatest number and to all types of generosity.




Each donation counts. Every action counts. What will yours be?


P.S We would nevertheless like to point out that, if you ever aim for the moon, we would of course be delighted to be your star…


P.P.S And, for your information, here is the address of the moon ➔ Make a donation



[1] Oscar Wilde

[2]  Barometer of generosity 2021  – France générosités – May 2021

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