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The seeds of tomorrow must be sown today. This is a precept that no doubt speaks to most people! It is for sure a tenet that the association Plantons Utile is duly putting into practice by planting trees in Senegal, in Casamance, a rural region particularly impacted by the degradation of the environment, depopulation and the destruction of biodiversity linked to massive deforestation.


The base camp for this worthwhile action is an agro-ecological farm launched by the association, which is at the heart of the project. Based, among other things, on a permaculture and agroforestry model, this pilot farm encourages local people to explore other ways of relating to rurality, by combining economic efficiency with sustainable development.


The Plantons Utile project takes a global approach. A real ecosystem in itself, it hinges on three complementary pillars. Firstly, the preservation of the environment with, as mentioned, the planting of trees aimed at regenerating natural areas and in particular the mangrove. Secondly, the training of local people in market gardening and the processing of crops in order to ensure the sustainability of the project. Lastly, the raising of local communities’ awareness about environmental issues, and the importance of biodiversity, and of trees in particular.


At Equestrio Foundation, we have been truly convinced by this full-scope project that encompasses economic, environmental and social solutions. Through our financial support, we have contributed to the planting of 30,000 trees as well as to the implementation of training and ecological awareness operations. And we are pretty confident that these seeds are set to bear precious fruit for the benefit of nature and the people of Casamance.



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For more than 10 years, the Franco-Swiss association Plantons Utile has been supporting initiatives that contribute to the ecological transition, sustainable development and energy efficiency, particularly in West Africa. The association abides by a social entrepreneurship model that aims to strengthen the capacities and autonomy of local stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability of initiatives over the long run. The promotion of circular economy, the use of clean technologies and respect for the environment are also at the core of each of its projects.

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