You have surely already heard of the power of trees? Beyond being wonderful and extremely docile providers of hugs, they most importantly stand as true pillars of our biodiversity. Although some tend to forget this, they are in fact INDISPENSABLE for our ecosystem, and therefore for the balance of all, humans and animals alike. This is a truth that Plantons Utile has made central to its actions in Senegal, through its agro-ecological farm and its mangrove reforestation project. We’ve decided to finance this initiative, and we’ll tell you why and how.



An ecological and human need

Let’s start by quickly setting the scene for this comprehensive project which, from environmental to social issues, tackles a full range of sustainable development challenges. The scene is Casamance, a rural region in the south of Senegal particularly affected by environmental changes, such as the loss of biodiversity, the decrease in rainfall and soil deterioration, alongside with massive deforestation. In addition, Casamance is facing the massive exodus of population towards the cities to escape food insecurity and difficult living conditions, particularly due to inefficient and uncompetitive agricultural practices.



An agro-ecological farm at the core of the project

Against this backdrop, the association Plantons Utile took to create an agro-ecological farm in 2017. This place that welcomes the local population has been developed with the aim of fostering a new outlook on rurality by exploring alternative models of agriculture, which can prove to be both more competitive and more sustainable. It aims at doing things better with less, by resorting in particular to permaculture, polyculture or agro-forestry.


This project takes a global and long-term approach, with a strong focus set on strengthening the autonomy of local populations to ensure its sustainability. This approach resonates deeply with Equestrio Foundation’s convictions and commitment to funding viable and tangible projects.


A 360° project

Plantons Utile hinges on 3 complementary pillars to which we contribute through a total financing of 10,020.50 CHF: preservation of the environment, training and awareness raising.


Preserving the environment

Equestrio Foundation contributes to the planting of 30,000 mangrove trees, particularly in the Abene marine protected area. These trees play a major role in the protection of biodiversity because of their capacity to store CO2, to protect against bad weather and to mitigate the risks of climate change-related natural disasters. They hence strongly contribute to the safety of the population’s food supply.

Equestrio Foundation is financing the entire planting process, from the creation of shaded areas and water system enhancement to the purchase of equipment, seeds, soil, sieves and the creation of germinators.



We also contribute to the financing of the training of local people in market gardening and crop processing. This social support is essential to strengthen the know-how of the village dwellers, to nurture their empowerment and to create jobs in the longer term, particularly among young people and women.


Raising awareness

Finally, through our funding, we support the organisation of numerous awareness-raising operations. The association works together with village committees, village chiefs, schools, women’s and entrepreneurs’ groups to raise awareness among local communities about environmental issues, the importance of biodiversity, and of trees in particular. Meetings, debates, targeted workshops, everything is put in place to nurture the commitment of inhabitants, in line with their needs and their daily reality.





As you can see, this project is about way more than just planting mangrove seeds. It’s about planting seeds of awareness, seeds of know-how and seeds of optimism, too. And you know what? We are thrilled to see that all this is already seriously beginning to bear fruit!




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