Behind each image we share with you there’s someone special, inspired by convictions, emotions, and life experiences. Today, we’d like to talk to you about those of video artist, photographer, and director Delphine Danielou. Hold on tight!


Making visible the invisible through reporting

Images are at the heart of Equestrio Foundation’s approach. For each project we fund, we offer a beautiful photo or video report highlighting the project leaders’ commitment to nature and animals. This is why we work with talented photographers and videographers like Delphine who, after having shot the episode of Equestrio Foundation in Action with APIDAE, embarked with us to Marseille for a weekend of volunteering, shooting and great fun with Clean My Calanques.


Looking for a bit of adventure?

Delphine is all about optimism, curiosity, and boldness. She grew up in the mountains, then traveled alone for five years with the ambitious aim of making sense of the world. As she obviously hasn’t yet found a completely satisfactory answer, she continues her search via photos and videos.

A committed entrepreneur

Co-founder of  the “Agence Cairn” with her partner, she now produces videos for sports brands and events that promote the values of personal achievement, stamina, and the outdoor spirit. At the same time, whenever she can, she puts her camera to work for environmental and animal causes, never hesitating to go beyond her limits to capture images that will trigger awareness.

A fan of the Far North

She thus recently traveled to Norway where she documented a scientific and environmental expedition, crossing the Hardangervidda National Park in complete autonomy to prepare a future expedition to Greenland aimed at gathering data on the state of glaciers. Delphine is also fascinated by the Antarctic as she is convinced that images coming from there can have a considerable impact, raising both “wonder and awareness about the state of societies and the environment“.

As you’ll have gathered, nature in its raw state and extreme cold are really her thing. And that’s just as well because what really makes her happy is “a sunset over the mountains, a sleeping bag to keep warm, and a hot drink in your hand!”


Delphine in Marseille with Clean My Calanques

Action and good mood

In Marseille, it was rather hot, and the sun was setting over the sea. But awareness was definitely on the agenda. Delphine, just like the Equestrio Foundation team, could never have imagined the amount of rubbish concealed in the city of Marseille and its magnificent natural surroundings.

The shooting of Equestrio Foundation in Action with the Clean My Calanques team was a bittersweet moment, just as the photographer often experiences through her various assignments that take her to the front line of our biodiversity decline: “The topic covered is quite sad, really: the pollution of the city and the Calanques. But the good mood, enthusiasm, and warmth of Marseille took over. The volunteers brought back a scooter, some underwear, a clock, and even an induction pot for a good bouillabaisse!” That’s it, derision is sometimes the best way to cope with certain realities…

The power of collective action

Her favorite photo from her photo coverage? That of Eric, the founder of Clean My Calanques, above the heap of rubbish collected by hundreds of volunteers: “It shows that you can start alone and come together to achieve great things for our planet.

Delphine nurtures a true faith in collective action. Change can only come about through action and the mobilization of everyone, each at their own level. As Delphine puts it “When we look at current political decisions, we see that momentum really must come from us. It’s great that Equestrio Foundation can take on this role and support all these associations that are working so hard for the sake of the environment and society.


📷 Discover the full photo report 👈


Did you know? “There’s no such thing as “impossible”

To each his own type of action. As for Delphine, through her documentaries, are about opening people’s eyes to certain causes and inspiring others to meet up, share ideas, and get moving. She will never give up: “I don’t like people saying it’s impossible. And I’ll do anything to prove it if I think it’s the right thing to do. I hate injustice and choose to fight against it, even if it means breaking the mold“. For the record, her favorite animals are wolves and sharks… 😉

At Equestrio Foundation, we just live in this state of mind that is a perfect echo of our philosophy.

Thank you, Delphine, for giving a voice to those who are fighting to shape tomorrow.

Thank you for your images, your struggles, and your laughter!

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