How can we make sure we do our best when doing good for Nature and the environment? At Equestrio Foundation, we have opted for an earmarked funding strategy that we consider as particularly suited to our positioning, our structure, and the human-scale projects we support. Find out here what this is really about and the advantages of this approach.


What is earmarked funding?

“Earmarking” refers to the allocation of funds to a defined objective. Unlike general donations, which can be used for the running costs of associations, earmarked fundings are dedicated to specific projects or actions.

Financing drones to spot fawns in distress in the Jura, repatriation of stray dogs from the Reunion Island to mainland France to save them from euthanasia, toolkits to collect waste in Marseille and the Alps, or equipment for eco-guards in the Congo to protect gorillas…. when you make a donation to Equestrio Foundation, it is allocated to a very specific action, which we have identified as being sure to deliver tangible results.



How does earmarked funding work?

With earmarking, the path is well paved – from start to finish.

Aiming for traceability

We may be adventurous in life, but when it comes to guaranteeing the traceability of our donations – and yours – rigor is the key word. It all starts with the clear identification of the initiatives we wish to fund. Each project submitted by our partner associations must be clearly structured, detailed, costed and include impact monitoring indicators. Once the partnership has been agreed, the project sponsors then keep us regularly informed of the progress of the initiatives we are funding.

Dialogue and close collaboration

We are committed to building close relationships with our partners over the long term, so we never miss an opportunity to visit them in the field to witness live the results of our actions and identify new needs that could be addressed through more funding.

These visits also allow us to give project leaders a helping hand through volunteer days, as you may have discovered in our Equestrio Foundation in Action series. 🎬



The benefits of earmarked funding

Tailored and efficient use of resources

By directing funds towards specific projects, we can concentrate our efforts on initiatives that have a direct impact on environmental protection and animal well-being. We allocate CHF10,000 for each project we support, and we make sure that this funding is used for relevant initiatives that make a real difference on the ground.

Transparency and trust

Earmarked funding also promotes transparency, a guarantee of trust in the long term – the trust we build with our partner associations, but also that you can have in us to turn your donations into tangible actions.

You can be confident that your donations will be put to good use, and we share with you all the information about the project you have chosen to fund through our photo reports, videos, articles, and regular posts on social networks.

Alignment with our values

Since our creation, we have been committed to allocating 100% of your donations to our projects, as the operating costs of Equestrio Foundation are covered by our founder. The earmarking of our funding allows us to ensure full alignment with this approach and our quest for impact.


Let’s earmark your donations together!

Want to contribute to saving our biodiversity with the guarantee that you will have an impact? Make a donation to Equestrio Foundation and help us support the associations that are working every day to repair the future.

Despite the ominous trajectory that all environmental indicators are predicting, the fate of our planet itself has not yet been earmarked. Together, let’s make sure that things go in the right direction.

Each action counts. Each donation counts.


🤝 Make a donation. 🤝

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