Equestrio Foundation has been supporting Plantons Utile in Senegal since 2021. And it is there, in the field, that Alicia and her team closed a year of action with ten days of voluntary work alongside the Senegalese association. A very “hot” and colorful trip that you will discover in the latest episode of Equestrio Foundation in Action!



Promoting smart agriculture

Last October, Alicia, Charlotte, Lolita and Zoé flew to Casamance to support the “Plantons Utile and “Eco From Africa” teams at the Soutou agro-ecological farm. A new all-out immersion with hands-on participation in the association’s various activities such as permaculture, agroforestry and mangrove shoot planting…Of course, all this has been beautifully captured by our talented videographer and photographer Zoé.



An uncompromising commitment to change

In this episode, you’ll get to meet our partners, Clément Sambou, founder of eco from Africa, and Quentin Lematais, creator of Plantons Utile, who amazed us with their kindness, their expertise and their commitment to rethink our production patterns through alternative methods combining economic efficiency with sustainability.


You’ll delve right into the heart of the action and discover an astounding nature, sometimes harsh conditions and inspiring people who strive every day, with tenacity and creativity, to redefine our relationship with nature.



We headed back home, our bodies riddled with mosquito bites, but above all with our heads full of unforgettable memories and our hearts filled by these inspiring encounters, all of them fueling ever more our desire to continue the adventure at their side.


Now it’s time for images. ACTION! 🎬

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