Our planet is the scene of a veritable mass extinction. That of certain animal species and, as a result, of the biodiversity that contributes to the richness of our world. Chronicle of a Disappearance Foretold? For certain species, it is already too late. But for many others, there is still time to act. Now is the time. It is this fight for a happy cohabitation between humans, animals and nature that drives us at Equestrio Foundation.



Saving wildlife: a story of heart and reason


Equestrio Foundation is a story of heart and reason. And yes, sometimes it does work (and very well indeed!). The passion, therefore, of Alicia Heiniger, our president and an experienced horse rider, who has always nurtured a real passion for animals. The reason, also, of this philanthropic entrepreneur who, faced with the urgency of the issue, considers taking action in favour of the preservation of animals and their well-being as a matter of necessity.



Reinventing the way we inhabit the planet


In less than 50 years, 60% of the world’s wild animal populations have disappeared. From larks to rhinoceroses, more than one million species are threatened with extinction. A veritable wake up call, these alarming figures also sound like a countdown as this decline has been constantly rising for decades. To quote astrophysicist and environmental activist Hubert Reeves, “It’s like being on a train hurtling towards a mountain at 300 km/h. The aim is not to slow the train down to 200 km/h, but to change trains!”. In short, to rethink our goals, to reinvent our relationship to the living world in order to both defend it and save ourselves.


It is our responsibility towards future generations. Because let’s not lie to ourselves and stop burying our heads in the sand. Human activity and the evolution of our lifestyles, which are decimating natural habitats, are the main causes of this slaughter.


Monkey protecting its environment


Reconnecting with a vital balance


The thing is, while we should ideally defend animals out of sheer altruism – because, fundamentally, why hurt our precious nature? – it is also a matter of survival.


Beware, this is an appeal to our dark side, that small (obviously infinitesimal.. !) selfish part that lies inside each of us: by destroying the natural capital of our planet, we are also putting ourselves in jeopardy. For we deeply need the services provided by nature, starting with the famous example of bees that benevolently work for us to pollinate our vegetables, fruit and cereals, and thus enable us to eat… and survive. This contribution of nature to our existence is both financially assessable…and invaluable. Economists quantify it as one and a half times the total wealth produced in the world. According to Pascal Canfin of WWF France, “We are not in a position to pay for the services rendered by nature, as this would cost us a fortune and would question our entire economic equilibrium. So really, the best thing to do is to protect nature ».

Philanthropy, an essential link in our ecosystems

Preserving animals is thus not only about preserving our ecosystems, but also about ensuring the security of food supply, health and our quality of life.


However, despite an increase in global philanthropic donations in recent years, the animal and environmental causes surprisingly lag behind, barely reaching 5% of total donations. And yet, animals need us so much. It is more than ever time to return to nature what it has given us and what we have taken from it. At Equestrio Foundation, this is what we are doing at our level by financing human-scale projects in favour of animal protection and environmental preservation.


From the most iconic wildlife species such as the elephant or the sea turtle, to local wildlife…whether it’s about saving them, releasing them or simply leaving them be…we select each project according to its viability, the authenticity of the commitment of those who carry it out and its concrete impact, that we systematically evaluate. Each donation translates into tangible results.


Passion and reason, an equation that finally works out wonderfully well (sorry Pascal)! It is even confirmed by the eminent Dr. Jane Goodall, “It is only when the mind and the heart work together in harmony that we can realise our true human potential”.




You too, want to act? It’s simple: you can make a donation to financially support our projects or give them visibility by sharing our news as much as possible.

We are counting on you!



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