Aujourd’hui on sème


What better way to celebrate summer than by giving nature a hand?

Every year since 2019, the APIDAE association carries out the operation “Today we sow», which aims to distribute to pupils in Geneva bags filled with seeds of melliferous plants. Because if summer is a source of joy for many people, it can also be a time of great danger for bees…


Unfortunate icons of the decline in biodiversity, these insects, which are so essential to our ecosystem, are finding it increasingly difficult to find food and, therefore, to survive. The main cause for this lies in the many environmental problems generated by human activity, such as climate change, intensive agriculture, the impoverishment of the genetic heritage and the accidental introduction of predators.


The “Today we sow” operation is carried out in collaboration with teachers and provides therefore the opportunity to raise children’s awareness about the importance of protecting bees as well as to make them aware that they can take concrete action to preserve biodiversity through gestures as simple as that of planting local flowers in the right season.


Equestrio Foundation financed the entire 2022 operation, i.e. the creation, printing and distribution of 10,000 “seed packets” sent to schools in the canton of Geneva. A local, concrete project aimed at the younger generation that we hope will create the buzzzzzzz!


The Geneva-based association APIDAE, composed of beekeepers and nature lovers, was created in 2013 with the goal of raising awareness about the decline of biodiversity by using the bee as the emblem of all the damages imposed on nature by humans.


Its action is concrete, local and accessible to all. To this end, it offers, among other things, the rental of beehives in the city for individuals, companies and institutions. Convinced that the young generations are the doers of tomorrow, APIDAE works daily to arouse the curiosity of children and inform them about the challenges of biodiversity.

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Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!

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