Bees in top form, pouring rain, and a great atmosphere… this is just what our biodiversity needs to flourish. That’s also the storyline for our 5th episode of Equestrio Foundation in Action, shot with APIDAE. In this new video, Alicia Heiniger shares with you her day as a volunteer in Satigny, alongside the Geneva-based association that works every day to preserve bees.



Save the bees –now or never

Over the last 20 years, 80% of our insects have disappeared in Europe. We are experiencing the 6th mass extinction in 500 million years and the first since the end of the dinosaurs. Apidae is determined not to let this be a foregone conclusion. And so are we.


For 2 years now, Equestrio Foundation has been supporting the Geneva-based association, which is doing a lot to safeguard bees, by organizing beekeeping training and renting hives to companies, local authorities, or individuals, as well as promoting awareness-raising initiatives, particularly across the younger public, as can be seen with the “Today we sow” operation.



How to make honey?

Last September, on a beautiful rainy day, Alicia, Charlotte, and Lolita decided to dive into the daily life of Tanguy Cousteline, President of Apidae, and Edmond, an apprentice beekeeper who is taking part in the rehabilitation program partly funded by our foundation. An immersion that certainly brought with it a wealth of discoveries.


So, what did we get out of this day in the field?


#takeaway 1

Birds of a feather flock together! In the same way as the hard-working bees they protect, beekeepers do show a clear tendency towards hyperactivity. We know how to choose our partners it would seem!


#takeaway 2

Bee-keeping suits do protect against bee stings, but they are definitely not waterproof. As the collection of honey had already taken place over the summer, we dashed to the honey house to put it in jars, which will then be redistributed to the many sponsors of the hives, in particular Apidae’s corporate partners.


#takeaway 3

There’s nothing like connecting with the simple pleasures that nature has to offer when we respect it. And yes…honey is definitely much tastier than Nutella!


#takeaway 4

On this one, we’ll quote Tanguy who so aptly says: “What a joy to add more life to life every day.”



It’s your go-to to appreciate these precious moments, in just 3:57 minutes, as if you were there, but from home and… dry into the bargain.

👉It’s all here!


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