Is it really necessary to remind people of the urgent need to take action for the environment?  Actually, yes, it is. As we are entering a race against time to save our planet and as indicators measuring the loss of biodiversity are reaching alarming highs, our commitment remains more than ever steadfast. At Equestrio Foundation, we are determined to continue to do what we can to preserve the environment and animals. And we need your help to do so!


The clock is ticking

In the word “action”, lies the idea of movement. And one cannot deny that some things are moving in the field of ecology. But this mobilization has been too long overdue to allow us to overlook another parameter that has now become crucial: time. If a few years ago, or rather decades ago, action was necessary, it has now become a matter of utmost urgency.


Moving forward, yes. But no time to lose

While climate negotiations tend to systematically deliver somewhat lukewarm results, the facts, on their side, speak very clearly for themselves. According to the World Resource Institute, which analysed the 40 indicators of actions to be taken by 2030 and 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5° as set by the Paris Agreements, “none of them is on track to meet the 2030 targets“. While some indicators (27 out of 40) are heading in the right direction, “they are moving far too slowly to halve greenhouse gas emissions” by the next decade.


Worse still, some indicators are actually taking the wrong direction, such as those measuring the loss of mangroves, the production of greenhouse gases in agriculture, the proportion of kilometres travelled by car or that of gas used in electricity production.


The freedom to take action.

Although we consider it crucial to highlight these figures and commitments which, all too often, get bogged down or fall short, trapped by the sirens of green washing, the die has not yet been cast!


We are well aware that the ecological transition and the preservation of our biodiversity depend largly  on the actions taken by key decision-makers, whether at the economic, financial or, above all, state levels. However, we have another conviction that we share with all the associations we support: each action counts. At Equestrio Foundation, this belief is our driving force in contributing to making things happen, at our level, in the field of  animal and environmental protection.


You are part of the planet’s ecosystem

In the ecosystem of our planet, each link in the chain has a part to play. The same goes for its preservation : every initiative matters. Your action counts and, with Equestrio Foundation, you have the opportunity, the power, and the freedom to act, without wasting time or depending on decisions beyond your control. And that feels good!


So, why make a donation to Equestrio Foundation?

You have a direct and immediate impact

Equestrio Foundation has chosen to support human scale projects on which we will have a direct, immediate and concrete impact. No intermediaries, no red tape, no money wasted! We collaborate directly with the project team, and we aim to offer them long term support.


You can be sure that your donations are put to good use

All our projects are selected according to their viability. A rigorous process is used to analyse and select the associations we decide to support, and the way donations are used is closely monitored.


You contribute to making visible the invisible

Beyond supporting our partners financially, we give them a voice. For each project we support, we also highlight the work of these hidden heroes with powerful photo or video reports that put the limelight on their cause.


You save on your taxes

You do good and save money while you’re at it.

By making a donation to Equestrio Foundation you benefit from a tax deduction in all cantons in Switzerland, as set by each cantonal administration and the Federal government. You can deduct a maximum of 20% of your net income for a minimum donation of CHF 100 during the fiscal year.


You can choose to support a project that really means something to you

Supporting gorillas, helping stray dogs, preserving wildlife, saving the lynx, fighting animal abuse, cleaning up the oceans or Swiss lakes, reforesting the African mangrove swamps,…we support a wide array of projects. Among the 22 initiatives we support, there’s bound to be one for you!


Photo of a lynx rescued and cared for at the Athenas Center

Environmental protectors that decontaminate the environment


Tick tock, tick tock…here it is, you can hear the call of the wild and you feel an urge to make a donation? That’s normal. Now is the time to make your move and, for the sake of your finances, preferably before the end of your fiscal year!


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