If you need to cheer yourself up at the start of 2024, we’ve got just what you need. Direction Alicante to meet Sue and Rod Wedding, the incredibly generous couple of retirees who founded Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. We share these moving moments with you in the 7th episode of our Equestrio Foundation in Action series.



A unique haven for abused horses

It’s been nearly 15 years since Sue and Rod left their native England to set up Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, a unique place dedicated to caring for distressed horses, ponies, and donkeys. After 3 years of extremely constructive and rewarding support, we were keen to put the limelight on these stars of commitment in our new episode of Equestrio Foundation in Action… while, at the same time, giving them a helping hand, of course!


When the word “commitment” takes on its full meaning

Alicia, Charlotte, Lolita, and Zoé, accompanied by a special guest horse rider (and friend), Yannick Jorand, traveled to Spain to share the daily life of Sue and Rod, a retired couple who obviously don’t have the same definition of the word ‘retirement’ as most of us!


If we had to choose just one word to sum up this experience, it would be this one: RESPECT.


RESPECT for Rod and Sue’s generosity and commitment. They have dedicated their entire savings and current daily lives to this center.


RESPECT for their strength and stamina in the huge task of running a center with over 120 animals. Cleaning the paddocks, feeding the animals, treating injuries, repairing the infrastructure and equipment… it’s an exhausting undertaking for this couple now in their seventies.


RESPECT for their expertise and foresight: from logistics to finance their management of the center is masterful. We were able to see for ourselves that nothing is left to chance.


RESPECT, finally, for their kindness and great sensitivity. They shared with us the poignant stories of the animals they have rescued and who, thanks to their dedication, finally got the chance to lead a more peaceful life in this shelter.


In any case, they really warmed our hearts and as we’re such nice people, 👉 we’re sharing it all with you here! 🎬

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