When considering Equestrio Foundation’s roots and our founder’s passion for horses, supporting the equines at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre was a no-brainer! A partnership that goes without saying and that has been pursued with a third year of support attributed to the shelter for abused horses, donkeys and ponies located near Alicante. More details on our new project.


When passion meets action

Easy Horse Care is the story of a retired English couple, Rod and Sue Wedding, who decided to leave their native Albion for the warmth of southern Spain. An idle golden age accompanied by the sound of salsa music and lazing around in the sun is what one would imagine. But not much of that on the agenda for them! Little time spent on the beach surrounded by palm trees for these two equine enthusiasts who, since 2008, have dedicated all their time and savings to rescuing and caring for horses, ponies and donkeys in distress.


Outstanding people

Rod, who just turned 73 in November, and his wife Sue, are two of those kind-hearted people who fascinate us with their energy and whose commitment inspires the deepest respect. Two down-to-earth people who also come over as “guardian angels” admired by one and all. The couple of enthusiasts now take care of 121 horses, often in very poor health, a physically very demanding job carried out with the help of only a handful of volunteers. The running of the centre, which requires around 300,000€ per year, relies solely on their personal resources and the generosity of donors as they receive no funding from the government authorities.



Long-term support

Equestrio Foundation has been supporting this centre for three years now. From the outstart, we have aimed to adapt our help to their specific needs which evolve according to the uncertainties of such a structure but also with the arrival of an increasing number of animals. Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre is indeed the only recognized foundation in Spain dedicated to horse protection.


In our first year of support in 2020, we contributed to the financing of 11 shelters, entirely built by Rod and a few volunteers, aimed at welcoming new animals. In 2021, we renewed our partnership with the purchase of a new utility vehicle to transport the animals and the resources needed to run the centre.



An urgent new project

Threatened by drought

In 2022, for our third round of support, we contributed to the feeding of the horses with a 10,000 donation for the purchase of 50 tons of fodder, which corresponds to the quantity of hay/straw needed to feed their 121 horses for 72 days.


For Sue and Rod, like many others, the current global geopolitical situation and climate change has had an enormous impact on their activity. In our homes, we are faced with rising energy prices. At Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, in addition to gas and electricity, the cost of fodder is also skyrocketing, and the supply is running out. Due to declining forage yields and drought, local producers are no longer able to deliver the usual quantities and prices are soaring.


A situation which unfortunately is a perfect illustration of the economic and climatic spiral in which we are progressively getting trapped, and which could become a new norm if no action is urgently taken.


Acting is also about reacting

Rising prices and shortages could prove fatal for the centre, which is in a particularly precarious financial situation. In order to ensure that they could meet the food needs of their residents, Rod and Sue needed to anticipate by ordering the amount of fodder needed to sustain them until the next harvest in 2023.


We are pleased to be able to respond to the concrete needs of the people we work with. This reactivity is made possible by the agility of our structure and, above all, by the close relationship we nurture with our partners who share their daily reality with us. If our objective is to give them a voice, we are also committed to always hearing their own.


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