You may remember Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre which we supported in 2020…This shelter for abused horses, donkeys and ponies located near Alicante was one of the first initiatives funded by Equestrio Foundation. In keeping with our commitment to support associations over several years, we have decided to finance them for a new project. All you need to know in this article!



Easy Horse Care or the story of very busy retirees

When Rod and Sue Weeding left England in 2001 for a peaceful retirement in sunny Spain, they had no clue that, 10 years later, they would be caring for more than 120 abused horses day and night in order to offer them a peaceful retirement!


By creating Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in 2008, these two lovers of man’s most beautiful conquest have decided to dedicate their twilight years to allowing horses, ponies and donkeys in distress to end their lives in a descent way. With their limitless commitment, this couple is a veritable bundle of courage, generosity and authenticity.


A strong need for funding

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre is unique in its kind and is now recognised as a major player in the protection of horses in Spain. However, the association relies solely on the generosity of its donors and partners.


It therefore regularly calls for donations to operate and develop the centre.  Indeed, as you can easily imagine, beyond elbow grease, welcoming these suffering equids and providing for their well-being is a mission that requires considerable funding. To be precise: close to 300 000 euros per year in food, water and various care for the animals.


Horse eating 


A first collaboration in 2020

In 2020, totally won over by the cause, the solidity of the project and the power of Sue and Rod’s commitment, we supported the centre by financing 11 shelters for the equines.  These new structures had become essential to accommodate the growing number of animals and to shield them from the scorching sun and bad weather.

Equestrio Foundation’s donation amounted to 9 213.60 euros with all the shelters then being built by Rod and a team of volunteers. In 2021, Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre was hence able to welcome 2 additional donkeys, 1 pony and 1 horse. 4 equines which, thanks to the care and attention of the centre’s team, can now leave their former suffering where it belongs and fully enjoy a second chance. A great satisfaction for us, as the huge fans of concrete results that we are!


Encouraging long lasting impact

Never change a winning team, all the more so when it is as efficient and friendly as this one (us included, of course!).


In 2021, Equestrio Foundation decided to support Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in a new project by allocating 12 000 euros to the purchase of a new utility vehicle to ensure the transportation of animals and the resources necessary to run the centre.


For 25 years, Sue and Rod had been using the same car which was dangerously flirting with the end of its life and obviously no longer met current environmental standards. Since February, they have been able to enjoy a brand new pick-up which is, for them, no less than “a dream come true“!



Join us in supporting them!

Acquiring this vehicle, as well as all the actions of the centre, are made possible thanks to the financing of many donors who, together and each in their own way, have a concrete impact on the lives of these animals but also of those who dedicate their daily lives to saving them.


We are proud to be part of it and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure, thanks to you, with this wonderful team of Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.



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