People living in Marseille are very fond of their city, and when you love, you don’t count …efforts to clean up waste. That’s what you’ll discover in the new episode of Equestrio Foundation in Action with Clean My Calanques. A group of friends who are undoubtedly doing their bit to clean up their town while always making sure they also have plenty of fun!



Stop plastic pollution with Clean My Calanque

On 17 and 18 February, Alicia, Charlotte, Lolita and video artist/photographer Delphine Danielou set off for the Phocaean city. And they reflected on this fundamental question: why are we so intent on destroying what we love? Don’t raise your hopes too high, they haven’t found the answer yet. But they surely did a great deal of walking, running and litter-collecting.

They also had a lot of laughs, as they met the wonderful team of Clean My Calanques and the hundreds of volunteers they always manage to rally thanks to their contagious enthusiasm when it comes to saving their natural heritage from waste pollution.


Clean up nature and have fun at the same time

Since 2017, the association has been campaigning to protect the environment, in particular by organizing litter collection sessions in Marseille’s creeks and beaches, once or twice a month. Their goal is clearly set: doing something good for nature while never forgetting to have a maximum of fun. A concept tested and approved by our teams!



No, nature is not a rubbish dump

After a first day in the Blancarde area, where we worked alongside the green brigades that we are funding, the Equestrio Foundation team set off for a hike in the Calanques National Park, before spending the afternoon picking up litter on the Huveaune beach, with 400 other ‘cleaners’.

These moments spent at the heart of nature have been tinged with both wonder and sadness at the sight of these sites of rare beauty which, at the turn of a rock or a creek, can suddenly turn into an open-air rubbish dump.


Our round-up of the weekend?

– Sore muscles,

– Plenty of good laughs,

– A blatant awareness: rubbish is everywhere, and this will never stop if the problem is not tackled at the source – a task that Clean My Calanque is also addressing with great energy.


👉 Now it’s time to see the action! 🎬

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