Animals, nature. To these entities deprived of speech, we wish to give voice. And images speak for themselves. They resonate deep inside us and echo the too often stifled cry for help from animals. At Equestrio Foundation, these images are at the heart of our action. So, today, even if “an image speaks a thousand words”1, we want to tell you about them!



Reporting, at the heart of our action


At Equestrio Foundation, we select and support medium-scale projects which are in favour of the preservation of the environment and protection of animals.

We provide financial support for these projects, but our commitment reaches beyond. We endeavour to give them visibility through photo and video documentaries which highlight these initiatives and the genuine commitment of those who carry them.

We owe this choice of reporting to the creator of our Foundation, Alicia Heiniger. Driven by the desire to share her love of animals and photography, she wished to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to be immersed in an authentic visual and moving experience with nature.


Here or there, experiencing the magic of connection


Our photo and video documentaries are real sources of connection. Connection with nature, with animals, with the men and women who deploy inspiring energy to preserve them.

A tender connection with the emotion evoked by the sight of a turtle in Lampedusa that has just been returned to the sea or of the complicit determination between Tony and Sofie, the founders of the European Elephant Sanctuary. A connection that is sometimes more violent when confronted with the emaciated body of an ill-treated horse or bags filled with waste extracted from the sea.

Sweet or alarming, simple and elegant, our images always tell the truth. They speak and we should listen. We can also share them in order to promote these projects and reach out to as many people as possible. Each action counts.


Focus on the photographers


Behind each image, there is a person who captures it. Another connection. With talented and passionate photographers and videographers who immortalise this nature whose life we wish to prolong.

They come from everywhere, but rarely from far away. We remain true to our values and go for local photographers whenever possible! For some of them, it is also the opportunity to make a donation in their own way. They offer their time, their talent, and their creativity to these animals to help silence indifference.


A human adventure


The moment of the shooting is a precious step for project leaders who do not always have the means or the skills to communicate about their work and the cause they are defending.

It is also a veritable shared adventure that brings together people from different and complementary backgrounds. Each one has its own field of expertise: creativity for some, speaking to horses, elephants or turtles for others! But one thing is sure, they all strive towards common goals: to raise awareness about these initiatives….and to have a good time together.

For the Equestrio Foundation, these in situ experiences are always tinged with optimism. Because the images whisper to us that all is possible….

[1] Confucius, -551 – -479



You are a photographer or videographer, and you want to know more? We are, naturally (!), always interested in meeting talented and committed people. Contact us!


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