What can be said about 2022? So much to tell you! New projects, stories that forge ahead, precious encounters, natural spaces that have been restored and animals saved… As at Equestrio Foundation our words are also images, we have decided to look back on this past year with a few photos that speak (shout!) for themselves.


photo of the Director of the Gostomel shelter with a puppy in her arms


Support to the Gostomel Animal Shelter, a home for abandoned animals in the Kiev countryside.

This touching photo illustrates for us the power of love that can triumph, even in the darkest of times. It is also a tribute to the courage of the volunteers who, at the risk of their lives, stood by the 700 cats and dogs abandoned after the bombing by the Russian army.

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Thibaut Baronian and it's team collecting waste on a beach in Cape Verde

Financing of Trail & Sea, an ecological adventure led by trail runner Thibaut Baronian in Cape Verde to raise awareness, among other things, about the dangers of plastic waste.

This photo was taken on the popular island of Sal, which is particularly affected by plastic pollution. It captures a plogging session on Pedra de Lume beach, after no less than a 45 km trail across the island! With the help of the villagers and in partnership with the association Project Biodiversity, the team collected 350 kg of waste.

This photo captures for us the magnificent power of action and sharing. We never call out too loud and enough to save the planet and sport is a great way to convey how urgent it is to make things happen.

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Support to Elephant Haven, a refuge for retired zoo and circus elephants, over the past three years.

Here, you can see the hand of Sophie, co-founder of the centre, resting gently on the trunk of Delhi, a 39-year-old elephant who joined the centre last autumn. Even the largest of mammals needs tenderness, serenity, and protection. So, let’s take care of them. This is what this delicate gesture is saying…

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Financing of the distribution of melliferous seeds to schoolchildren in the canton of Geneva organised by APIDAE.

This photo was taken during the “protection of biodiversity and bees awareness day” organised by Tanguy, the founder of Apidaé, at the Avanchets community centre (Geneva).

For us it evokes the power of transmission, but it also makes us aware of our responsibility in this process. Victims of past excesses on the one hand and a veritable driving force for change on the other, the younger generation is invested with a major challenge to undertake – ensuring the future of our planet. Let’s give them the desire and the means to embrace tomorrow with hope.

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Photo of the village women of Danna, on a boat for a mangrove reforestation project

Contribution to the agroecological farm project of the association Plantons Utile in Senegal, including the financing of a mangrove swamp reforestation project.

This picture features the women of the village of Diannah in Casamance who have been recruited to carry out these plantations.

This moment reminds us that it is never too late to make a difference. These women, faced with the decline in the environment in which they live, have been trained in agro-ecology and made aware of  how crucial it is to protect the environment. They are taking action and reinventing themselves to offer a new destiny to their region and the people who live there.

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And that’s us! A close-knit team held/bound together by our unwavering optimism, a continuous sense of wonder at the richness of nature and the determination to call out ever louder to save it.

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What about you? What do you hear when you look at these images?

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