You may be wondering who the people behind Equestrio Foundation are. Or maybe not! Well, just in case, we have decided to introduce ourselves to you!

Because telling you about us also means giving voice to the animal and environmental cause. It also means sharing the way we act, each in our own way, at our own level, with our respective skills, dreams and limits, for a more harmonious world. We are all different, but yet, we all share a common path: through our work for the foundation and our interaction with each other, we have evolved towards greater environmental awareness. And we are determined to call out, ever louder, to make things move forwards!


Alicia Heiniger


Alicia is our president and founder. In essence, she is the one at the root of this beautiful human adventure.

As an entrepreneur, accomplished horse rider, animal lover and visual arts enthusiast, Alicia naturally decided to give substance to her deepest convictions by creating Equestrio Foundation in 2019, in Geneva. She launched and developed the foundation with the aim of making it a human scale, accessible organisation, that supports projects which have a concrete impact on the daily life of animals, nature and of those who fight for them. She also sees her foundation as a way of opening the path to discovery for many people, making use of the power and beauty of images to convey her messages.


In her own words

Creating Equestrio Foundation has enabled me to carry out a project that is deeply aligned with my own convictions, while drawing on my experience in the field of communication. It alleviates a certain feeling of helplessness that I was experiencing from not dedicating my resources to causes that mean a lot to me.

Our concept, which blends both actions in the field and awareness-raising through reporting, allows me to pursue my passion for visual arts and to communicate my commitment to others with the aim of raising awareness about topics that I consider as essential. And all this while working with a team of people who all share the same values.


What it has changed for her…

Through the foundation, the concrete actions I took part in and the many encounters with inspiring people who dedicate their lives to animals and the environment, I have come to considerably enhance my knowledge of these current issues. I have, of course, become much more careful in my daily life and I strive to balance my ecological footprint as much as possible.

Paradoxically, despite the particularly ominous outlook that we are faced with, I also try to stay positive even if it is not always easy. The fact that I can feel I am contributing in my own way and that I interact with people who are working to find concrete solutions and never give up is a real “shot of optimism”!


Charlotte Viet


Charlotte is our precious Director of Development and Operations. Our project scout! Her mission consists, among other things, in sourcing and selecting the initiatives and associations that the foundation will finance.

After more than 10 years working in sports marketing, her passion for trail running, travelling and the great wild led her to join Equestrio Foundation to devote her energy and stamina (much needed indeed!) to helping protect animals and the environment. She works hand in hand with our partners to ensure the concrete effectiveness of our support on the ground and over time.


In her own words

Thanks to my passion for sports and for the amazing scenery and wildlife of the African continent, I have been aware for several years of the problem of climate change and pollution, particularly that linked to plastic which is a real plague in Africa. After having spent many months there, I realised rather brutally that the variety of species and the different ecosystems were in dire danger.  It therefore became clear to me that I wanted, in my modest way, to help save this natural heritage.


I believe that each action counts and should be brought to light. That’s exactly what we’re doing with Equestrio Foundation and I’m proud to be a part of this.


What it has changed for her…

Through my work at Equestrio Foundation, I get to meet people who are passionate about the causes they uphold. These project leaders act as a true source of inspiration for me. I learn a lot from them and, as time goes by, I realise that I am increasingly affected by the issues we are facing today. Since I’ve had my children, I have also become much more aware about our responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations.


As a trail runner, nature is also, in a way, my playground. This connection to the environment is a key part of my life and I owe it a lot. So, every day, through small actions and by trying to change some of my daily habits, I do my best to give more in return!




Lolita Riotte


Lolita is our project & communication manager. The one thanks to whom you can read, see and hear about us. The digital and social networks magician who “makes the invisible visible” in just a few clicks!

In another life (not so long ago, though!), she worked for top horse-riders as a groom on some of the largest international events, such as the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. After travelling the world, she fell in love with the Alps, its nature and mountains. She settled down, trained for her new job and is now working on various projects to highlight the foundation and the causes it upholds.


In her own words

I grew up near Paris and to be totally honest, at that time, I was not very much concerned about ecology or environmental protection.

This new job, combined with the recurrence of natural disasters, such as floods, fires, storms and tsunamis, literally opened my eyes to the impact of climate change on our environment. I became acutely aware that something was going wrong.


What it has changed for her…

I’ve totally changed my lifestyle and have become much more careful in my consumer habits or in the way I get about, for example.

I’ve always been fond of the city, and always will be. But I feel more and more drawn to nature and its open spaces. I see things in a new light and find them much more beautiful and majestic. I simply feel good when surrounded by nature.

I also find myself making people around me more aware of the fragility of our environment and of the importance of preserving it.



Zoé Bouillet


Zoé is our freelance art director. She gives voice to our actions and the causes we support by making them accessible to our eyes (you’re keeping up here, right !?!).

After having worked for several years in the corporate world, Zoe opted for diversification and moved to freelancing as a graphic designer, putting her skills to use for various projects. Talented, passionate, and committed, Zoe enjoys expressing herself through bold and colourful designs that have become the visual signature of Equestrio Foundation. She combines her passion for art with that of nature, spending most of her time in the mountains and with her dog!


In her own words

Since I’ve been collaborating with the foundation, I’ve become more aware of all the different and concrete ways we can give something back to our planet. I have also come to realise that I can help and raise awareness in my own way.


What it has changed for her…

Working at home for Equestrio Foundation means I can be more reasonable about the use of my car. I also learn a lot through the projects we support, and, in a way, they act as veritable eye-opener to all the actions that are within my reach on a daily basis, such as collecting waste in nature, buying food or cosmetic products that are more respectful of the environment, buying locally produced products, not over-consuming, travelling differently… And of course, taking care of animals, which is something I am particularly fond of.



Claire Duport


Claire is our freelance writer and communications consultant and therefore the chattiest of us all,  (and we can tell you there is a certain level of competition, here!). Through her words, she puts the causes, stories and people we support in the limelight.

Claire worked for over 10 years in companies in Paris before moving back to her native Alps which she missed far too much! She puts her expertise in communication and her writing skills to good use for various projects, always seeking to create a strong and accurate link with the readers. With “you”, in fact!


In her own words

Through my work with Equestrio Foundation, I feel like I’m writing about things that matter to me and are worth reading about! Stories of commitment, action and life that, when all added up, can make a huge difference. I am always amazed and deeply moved by the energy and generosity of the project leaders who devote a large part of their lives – to say the least – furthering the cause for the protection of animals and the environment.


What it has changed for her…

By writing for the foundation, I have learned a lot about crucial topics and I have naturally become much more aware of the necessity to preserve biodiversity, with a certain sense of urgency. I have never been oblivious to these issues, of course, but I used to be one of those people who was both aware of the importance of taking action and felt guilty for not really doing so!

Today, I pay much more attention to my consumer habits and the impact of my lifestyle on the planet. My children, who are very aware of this, are also precious spurs in these developments. They have become a real waste police force!

I also find myself feeling a new kind of wonder when I look at what nature has to offer, often the simplest things that we have forgotten to really look at. And, each time, I say to myself that “it would be really too stupid to waste this.”




And let’s not forget…our silent heroes

Alongside this team and above all, we can make things happen thanks to all the project leaders, volunteers, photographers, video makers and explorers of all kinds who act, on a daily basis and often in the shadows, to protect our planet.


That’s it, you know everything! Or almost 😉

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