What happened at Equestrio Foundation in 2022? That’s what you’re about to find out in our latest activity report which looks back at the key moments of the past year. You’ll find there all you need to know about our new projects, our great pride and few disappointments along the way. You’ll discover beautiful images that will blow your heart and retina away. And, if you listen carefully, you’ll certainly hear the calls of Nature and the responses of all those who care for it.


It’s all about actions

2022 has certainly been an action-packed year for Equestrio Foundation. New projects, new encounters, new ideas… but always the same unwavering determination to shout out ever louder to uphold our combats for the environmental and animal causes. As you’ve all gathered by now, at Equestrio Foundation we love change… and loyalty as well. This can be seen in the projects we funded in 2022. We financed a total of 13 projects, including 7 with associations we were already supporting, and 6 with new partners.



Projects come first


In keeping with our desire to support our partners over an average of 3 years, we have renewed our funding for a number of associations in various domains ranging from the protection of elephants retiring from zoos to the rehabilitation of abused horses, sea turtles and bees, or to the preservation of the waters of Lake Geneva.



We have also initiated new partnerships to diversify our commitments, as demonstrated by our support, amongst others, to Rwandan gorillas with Gorilla, to stray dogs on Reunion Island with YouCare, to our alpine mountains with Mountain Riders and to our oceans with On est prêts.


The age of maturity…

This 3rd year of action also saw the consolidation of our approach. Drawing on our experience, we are more convinced than ever that we want to put the focus on human-scale projects on which we can have a tangible and measurable impact. We have become more selective in our choice of initiatives, and this has borne fruit with highly targeted and effective collaborations.


We also decided to strengthen synergies with foundations, companies, institutions, and other sponsors who wish to join us in our fight for wildlife and the environment through the launch of our pooled funding strategy and our new membership in SwissFoundations since December 2022.


…and creativity

Making visible the invisible. In 2022, we decided to explore new ways of communicating about the projects we support, as with “Equestrio Foundation in Action“. This new video series with on-board camera takes you directly into the field alongside Alicia Heiniger during volunteer days spent with our partners. We shot our first episode at Elephant Haven and are looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you. Stay tuned to be sure not to miss a thing!



Let’s keep the action going

Whilst last summer has set off yet again many climate-warning signals and we are on the verge of breaching all planetary limits, we have decided not to give in to eco-anxiety and to continue looking forward with a sense of optimism. This enthusiasm is nourished each day by our actions, which serve as a real antidote to the ambient spleen, and by our many encounters, which are a constant reminder that change is possible.


We sincerely hope that this report will convey this forward-looking energy and inspire you to take action with Equestrio Foundation. Your action counts, and so do your donations.


Enjoy your reading!




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