Who once said that “Alone we go faster and together we go further[1]”? What if, together, we could stretch both further AND faster…As we all know, given the current environmental challenges we face, time is not really on our side. In this article, we present our strategy of project pooled funding alongside partner foundations and donors with whom we share the same desire to alert and take action.



Strengthening collective energy with co-financing


Accelerating the battle for the protection of the environment and animals

The earth is burning and melting. Oceans are full of waste while the living world is being drained of its biodiversity. In a world of paradoxes in which we recognize the urgent need to take action while at the same time maintaining the incomprehensible inertia of the status quo, the outline of philanthropic contributions clearly reflects this unsettling bipolarity. While climate change, the preservation of the environment and the collapse of the living world are gradually rising to the top of people’s concerns, the animal and environmental cause surprisingly remains at the tail end of philanthropic generosity, barely reaching 5% of total donations.


Yet the environment and animals are in dire need of protection.  And it shouldn’t be forgotten that we also need to preserve them for the role they play in our very own balance.


In this field, as in many others, we are convinced that by joining forces, we will multiply the impact of our actions. To put it simply: together, we are always stronger and more effective.


Expanding the sources of funding

Although the president of the foundation, Alicia Heiniger, is currently in charge of all the financing of the projects and the foundation’s overheads, our objective is to widen our sources of donations.


We are thus turning to private individuals and companies to enable us to step up our activities. But we are also very eager to develop partnerships with foundations or sponsors who would like to join our fight for the animal and environmental cause by participating in projects supported by Equestrio Foundation.



Advantages of pooled funding for partner foundations


Diversifying your commitment through targeted and concrete donations

Funding is often about choosing an area of action. As a foundation you are thus most likely specialised in a specific sector. But you may want to expand your scope of action beyond your realm of expertise, whether on a one-off or more regular basis.


We offer you the opportunity to diversify your commitment by giving you access to a variety of projects rigorously selected for their impact. Preserving wildlife, saving the lynx, caring for abused animals, rehabilitating sea turtles in their natural habitat, taking care of circus elephants when they can no longer perform, cleaning up oceans… we support projects that reflect the diversity of our ecosystems and the various threats to their balance.



Establishing a human-scale partnership

We take a human-focused approach to everything we do.

Small and accessible projects

At Equestrio Foundation, we have chosen to support small-scale projects led by experts in their field. Why this choice? Because, just like you, we want to have a direct impact on the causes we support and we love to see the results of our actions!

We are determined to ensure that our donations – and yours – are being put to good use and turned into simple, concrete and effective actions. No intermediaries, no dispersion. We are in direct contact with the project leaders, who are selected for their expertise and personality, and with whom we forge long-term partnerships. When relevant, our objective is to pursue collaborations for at least three years, in order to achieve a long-lasting impact.

Pooled funding to meet, share and build together

We can’t talk about our human-focused approach without speaking about the Equestrio Foundation team and the partnerships we form with foundations that join in with us! We work with you to shape your commitment to your goals. Together, we define the project and the financing that meet your objectives and your missions.


Photo des enclos du Gostomel shelters, centre d'accueil pour animaux abandonnés en Ukraine, avec 7 chiens réfugiés

L'équipe Trail & sea ramassant des déchets


Giving efficiently with the help of our expertise

High standards

As a donor aiming for tangible impact, you are aware of the importance of carefully selecting the projects you decide to fund. Giving is not enough. To quote Virginie Seghers, lecturer at Sciences-Po Paris, today is no longer the time for “compassionate giving”.  Philanthropy is not only a matter of generosity but also a question of strategy resulting in concrete and measurable results on the causes upheld[2].

According to the recent KPMG report entitled Disruptive Philanthropists, about three quarters of donors quote ‘measurable impact’ as a decisive factor in their choice of funding a cause.

Transparent processes and monitoring

By co-funding projects with Equestrio Foundation, you benefit from our rigorous selection and monitoring process. You can trust that your donations make a real difference.


Before deciding to support a project, we scrupulously study the association that supports it, how it functions, its members, its financial situation and its long-term vision. For each funding, an official donation contract is established, and we ensure rigorous monitoring of the use of donations, which we communicate to our partner foundations.


Highlighting your commitment with a comprehensive communications package

Equestrio Foundation combines its passion for nature and art both by supporting projects financially, and by highlighting them through powerful images.

Each project benefits from a high-quality photo or video report created by passionate artists, but also from complete editorial coverage that we share with the greatest number of people, on our website and social networks.


Foundations that co-finance our projects enjoy full access to this material to showcase their commitment. We are happy to share this communication tool with our generous sponsors because we know that together, we can give more voice to our actions.


So…ready to opt for pooled funding with us?

You wish to finance projects in favour of the environment or animals by joining forces with an experienced foundation, that takes care of communication and operational aspects? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to giving, with and thanks to you, even more echo to issues that are crucial for the future of all.


Contact us 👈



[1] Well, in fact we know very well who: it’s an African saying!

[2] La philanthropie moderne remet en question le statu quo, La philanthropie moderne remet en question le statu quo – KPMG Canada (home.kpmg).


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