The Co&xister sanctuary project all started with a dream. That of creating a place where humans and animals can live together far from a relationship of domination and exploitation.

A place of freedom and respectful coexistence between humans, animals and nature.

It was born of an encounter. That of Virginia Markus and Pierrick Destraz whose convictions, passion and expertise blended to give life to this project that we have been eager to support. Focus on our financing.




A small haven of peace


At the Co&xister sanctuary, nestled in the heart of the Chablais Vaudois, we find ourselves in a realm of peaceful cohabitation. In this home dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of animals having been saved from slaughter, abuse, or neglect, we come across pigs, horses, goats, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats who enjoy a blissful life, surrounded by Virginia, Markus and a preserved nature. On deck 7 days a week with their charming residents, the two founders benefit from the precious support of Elisa Keller, a young 23-year old volunteer who dedicates 3 days a week to the sanctuary, and a team of generous souls who contribute, each month, to occasional participative projects.


A great need for resources


This true paradise requires indeed a great deal of energy and resources. Because managing 5 hectares of land, welcoming, feeding and caring for an average of forty animals is a permanent challenge. A challenge that requires, according to Pierrick, “a lot of optimism, confidence, motivation, humility, arms and financing“. So many aspects that resonate with our values and purpose at Equestrio Foundation, and which fuelled our decision to support this project.


Our funding in details


As part of our partnership, we are financing the restoration of part of a building that is currently not in a good enough condition to accommodate the animals, the purchase of two huts for the pigs, as well as part of the acquisition of a utility vehicle.



Restoration of a building for pigs and hens

This will allow the pigs, hens and turkeys to have a comfortable and secure space, adapted to their needs. Far from intensive breeding, confinement and overcrowding, they will now be able to enjoy a peaceful life, fulfilling their basic needs (amount: 4 109.80 CHF).


Purchase of two huts for the pigs

These new shelters will allow three pigs to sleep at night in complete peace and quiet, respecting their need for isolation (cost: CHF 1,481.95).


Participation in the purchase of a utility vehicle

This second-hand utility vehicle will be used to transport organic manure to the neighbouring farmer to enable him to use it for his fields, as well as to move heavy and bulky material such as stocks of food for the animals (amount: CHF 3,550).



Pig shelter, financed by equestrio foundation for Co&xister




Virginia and Pierrick have their feet firmly set on the ground to ensure that the sanctuary runs smoothly and efficiently while respecting the basic needs of all. But their heads are also bustling with ideas to pursue its development. So if you feel concerned by this project, don’t hesitate to support it!



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