Equestrio Foundation is a private foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 2019 by Ms. Alicia Heiniger, an entrepreneur with a strong passion for horseback riding, animals and the environment. Part of the Equestrio Group, the foundation is named after the online magazine Equestrio, to which Ms. Heiniger is both founder and CEO.


A new and innovative grant-making foundation, EF’s overall objective is to support financially and visually human size projects and individuals working to preserve and protect our environment and animals. Specifically, guided by the strong conviction that every action counts, EF does not only financially support its partners and projects, but also helps shine a light on the work of these hidden heroes by producing powerful images and reportages to showcase their stories and incredible work. Moved by the belief that we are all interconnected – humans, animals and the environment – and that our well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the environment and our planet’s animal species, EF is doing its part to preserve this fragile balance that allows our world to exist.

All of EF’s overhead costs will be covered by the founder and that all donations will be used to support the projects.


We are proud to launch this project surrounded by specialists, such as Melanie Duflo, who has created an innovative and fresh foundation’s branding inspired by the call of the wild. Philanthropy Advisors, an international strategic philanthropy consulting firm, working closely with us to draw up an efficient and impact-driven strategy. Our website has been developed by BuxumLunic Agency, and a bespoke fundraising platform, HEROE5 founded by Sebastien Heimann, giving you the opportunity to contribute financially in just a few clicks. Because  ” It takes 5″ to change the world”.




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