Charlotte Viet Gif


After 10 years working in sports marketing, including 5 at INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), I seized the opportunity offered by Alicia to take up what I considered as a challenge : joining the Equestrio Foundation.
Accustomed to getting out of my comfort zone, through sports and especially trail running, I was very happy to be able to participate in this adventure.


Because of my passion in sports and for the African continent ; its history, cultures, astonishing nature, I have been witnessing, for several years, the issues around climate change and pollution, particularly plastic-related pollution ; a real scourge in Africa.
After spending many months there, I realized quite shockingly that the variety of species and different ecosystems were in great danger.

So it became clear to me that I wanted, at my small scale, help safeguard this natural heritage.


My role as Development and Operation Manager at the Equestrio Foundation is, among other things, to research and select individual projects / organizations / initiatives which’s main mission is to preserve our environment (nature and animals) and work hand in hand with them. This leads me to exchange with passionate people, who inspire me respect and admiration.


I am convinced that any action is important and that it is essential to give it visibility. This is exactly what we do with Equestrio Foundation and I am proud to take part in it.



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