We’ve already told you about Elephant Haventhe first sanctuary in Europe created to save, re-socialise and rehabilitate elephants from zoos and circuses. Nestled in the heart of the Limousin, it was created by a couple of Belgian zookeepers, Sofie Goetghebeur and Tony Verhulst, who deploy boundless energy to offer a peaceful retreat to these majestic pachyderms.




A project that convinced us


The Equestrio Foundation decided to finance this atypical and innovative project for various reasons.

First of all, it meets a need that is very likely to grow in the coming years. More and more European countries are prohibiting the presence of wild animals in circuses, and unfortunately it is not always possible to enable them to return to their country of origin. They need a place to live.


Another reason that drove our decision to support this project is also Tony’s and Sofy’s expertise. Beyond their inspiring passion for elephants and their tested experience in animal care, they have structured and implemented this project to the highest standards thus ensuring its viability. A decisive element in our choice of support. Thanks to the relative proximity of the sanctuary, we were able to visit the site to see for ourselves the fruit of all their efforts. The site is now ready to welcome 3 females who will at last be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

And finally, it has to be admitted…Elephant Haven appealed to us because…we too love elephants!



Details on our financing


As you can well imagine, developing an infrastructure adapted to the size, strength, physiology and rather phenomenal appetite of an elephant (no less than 60 kg of hay per day!) is no easy task! And this entails considerable costs.

While the logistic of Elephant Haven relies largely on the commitment (and elbow grease) of many volunteers, its actual funding is largely dependent on donations.

Equestrio Foundation has decided to contribute 6,837.76 euros (7,486.39 CHF) to the project, which will be used for food, heating and logistics.

These funds have been used for the financing of:


– 21.2 tons of hay and its delivery, corresponding to the amount needed to feed an elephant for about a year: 2,565.20 euros.

– 10 pallets of firewood and their delivery, contributing to the heating of the elephants’ boxes for one winter: 1,185 euros.

– A trailer: 1,500 euros.

– A wood splitter and its delivery: 1,459.40 euros.

– The remainder for the purchase of additional wood: 128.16 euros.




You too wish to support these charming pensioners?



2 options
And no need to choose, you can go for both 😊

→ Make a donation. This way!

→ Share this news or the project page as much as you can through social networks.
Equestrio Foundation will continue its support an additional year as soon as we reach 100% shares.


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