Every year on 19th August, the world celebrates World Photography Day. Here at Equestrio Foundation, it’s every day that we have the pleasure of working with outstanding photographers. Through their images, they help us give a voice to Nature and animals, and to highlight the work of those who strive to protect them. Focus on these committed photographers.


Making visible the invisible

As you know, we love beautiful images. For their unique ability to capture special moments and bring them to life. For the way they can revive emotions of past events and transport us into those we dream of experiencing. For the power of their silence, that echoes our messages everywhere, to all those who see them and take the time to really look at them.


And as, at Equestrio Foundation, our emotions are only one step away from our actions, we’ve decided to use photography as one of the main means of furthering our combats for environmental and wildlife protection.


To the heart of the action through photo and video documentaries

For each project we support financially, we also produce a magnificent photo or video documentary made by passionate and committed photographers, which we share on all our media and offer to our sponsoring partners to help them make their commitment become public knowledge.

These high-quality documentaries cast the spotlight on the project leaders and their everyday work to increase the awareness of the general public to these important causes which unfortunately often go unnoticed. In keeping with our commitment to a minimal-footprint philanthropy we seek to collaborate with local artists whenever possible.


A big thank you to our talented photographers

Since our creation we’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work with over 15 photographers and video-makers who convey their vision of nature, each in their own way and through their personal artistic touch…but all with that very special sensitivity that makes their images so powerful.

We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to get our message across, for their talent, their commitment and their generosity as many of them give their time for free

THANK YOU to Ahmed Al Maawali, Salvatore Tuccio, Julien Raison, Justin Galant, Pierre Antoine Boillon, Antoine Lafay, David Leo, Adrien Scat, Fabrice Lombard, Lise Neukomm, Nils Kunzli, Dima Bass, Maxime Franc, Bertille Fonteneau, Margaux Le Map …..


Sauvetage Faons Jura bernois

Lise Neukomm

Lampedusa Turtle Rescue

Dima Bass


You Care

Maxime Franc


Centre Athenas

Bertille Fonteneau



Margaux Le Map


Do you also want to put your talent to work for our causes and for your planet? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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