Equestrio Foundation, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Alicia Heiniger, supports projects which aim at preserving the environment and protecting animals.


We are guided by a strong conviction that drives our entire approach: every action counts to make a difference. Faced with the immediacy of today’s challenges, it is up to each of us, in our own way, to make the necessary changes to shape a sustainable future. At Equestrio Foundation, we are resolutely solution oriented, and we need you to bring these solutions to life and put them into action.



Making a donation to Equestrio Foundation is about …


Taking concrete action to protect animals and the environment


In the wake of COP 26, the issue of climate change is more than ever – and rightly so – a top priority for the future of our planet. However, environmental emergency is not restricted to climate change only. The latter should not mask another crisis, that of the collapse of the living world (of which, let it be borne in mind, we are all part!).


The destruction of biodiversity is indeed one of the fundamental indicators of the environmental damage we inflict on our planet. And the signals are clearly in the red. As illustrated by the film Animal supported by Equestrio Foundation, the planet has lost nearly 50% of its wildlife over the last 50 years, leading to a sixth mass extinction of species. More generally, it is estimated that an animal or plant species disappears every 20 minutes on our planet[1].


You have the opportunity to take action to change the scenario of our future.



Taking action for causes that mean something to you


Preserving wildlife, saving the lynx, fighting animal abuse, rehabilitating sea turtles in their natural habitat, offering circus elephants a peaceful retreat, cleaning up the oceans…we support a variety of projects that reflect the diversity of our ecosystems and the need to preserve our balance at all levels.


You can choose the projects you wish to support according to your affinities, your aspirations…your passions.


People cleaning up the beaches and the sea

Horse eating



Taking action with direct impact


Equestrio Foundation has made the choice to support projects on a human scale for which we will have a direct and concrete impact. No intermediaries, no red tape, not a minute wasted! We aim for efficiency, simplicity and tangible results. We are in direct contact with the project team, we get to know them and, thanks to the support of our donors, we do everything we can to stay by their side over the long term.


Your donations have a real meaning, your action bears fruit.



Taking action through a rigorous and transparent process 


We finance targeted initiatives, selected according to their viability and the commitment of those who make them happen. Before deciding to support a project, we scrupulously study the association that supports it, how it functions, its members, its financial situation and its long-term vision. For each funding, an official donation contract is established and we ensure rigorous monitoring of the use of donations, according to the terms of our agreement. We disclose the details of the funding on our website for full transparency on the use of the funds.

You can be sure that your donations are really being put to good use



Taking action by making visible the invisible


Innovative in its form, Equestrio Foundation not only supports its partners financially, but also highlights the work of these hidden heroes. Each project is featured in a powerful photo or video report that we share with the largest possible number of people in order to give visibility and a voice to the cause supported.


You contribute to raising awareness about critical issues and awaken the urge to do something about them.



Taking action together, by sharing


Project leaders, photographers, video artists, explorers of all kinds… each project is a human adventure that we share with you through news, articles and reports keeping you posted on their evolution. Be sure you won’t miss a thing!


Taking action also means contributing to developing the community of followers. It’s your call, so make some noise! Boost the echo of our projects by sharing them with as many people as possible on social networks and we will renew our funding for another year.


You are part of a team of “doers”, and you have the opportunity to bring about change.



Taking action for your finances, whilst doing good


Making a donation to a charitable organisation such as Equestrio Foundation allows you to benefit from a tax deduction in all cantons in Switzerland, as set by each cantonal administration and the federal government. You can deduct a maximum of 20% of your net income for a minimum donation of CHF 100 during the fiscal year.

If you are resident and/or taxable in Switzerland and you make a donation directly to the Foundation, we can provide you with a donation receipt to be submitted to the tax authorities for your annual tax return.

You optimise your taxes, while doing a good deed. The best of both worlds.



How to make a donation?


All of Equestrio Foundation’s overhead costs are covered by the founder, Alicia Heiniger. This means that all donations are used to support the projects selected and to help Equestrio Foundation’s partners carry out their mission (This is what being “concrete” is all about!).


The planet and animals are at stake. We need your valuable support to continue funding these projects and to expand our reach.


Taking action by making a donation, 




Make a donation to the Equestrio Foundation

These general donations will be used to support the various projects, missions and partner associations of the Foundation.

Support our heroes here!


Nature is calling. Can you hear it? It’s time to act if we want to preserve the fragile balance that makes our life possible. Together we are the solution.



[1] « Environmental emergency is not restricted to climate emergency  only», Christian Amblard, Le Monde, publié le 4/02/2021

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