June 29, 2021, Leyton – a small village in Western Canada. Temperature registered 49.5°C. Leyton, a small village that is no more.  90% of the village was decimated by a forest fire triggered by an unprecedented heat wave. The figures speak for themselves. Nature, on the other hand, is deprived of speech but makes itself heard in its own way. Submissive and rebellious, it reminds us regularly that this cannot go on any longer. It is vital to act. And this is what we want to do, at our level, by supporting projects aimed at preserving the environment and animals.  



The environmental emergency


Climate change, new sources of energy, preserving natural resources, protecting the biodiversity are all fundamental issues for the future of our planet and that of future generations. Taking up these challenges, that are all inter-connected, is an absolute necessity if we want to preserve not only natural ecosystems but also each and every one of us, humans and animals alike. Because we cannot live well on a sick planet. If it was necessary, the Covid-19 pandemic will have set the scene for the future. The environmental crisis is impacting our health, our economic situation and social balances. It is disrupting our daily lives.

Our well-being is, in essence, intrinsically linked to that of nature and animal species.



Green Planet Goal


Opening our eyes…

The planet is burning, the polar ice bank is melting and cries of alarm are becoming louder. But the good news is that, after having heard this, more and more of us are actually listening to these calls and opening our eyes to this reality. The climate is the number 1 concern of Europeans[1].  Now has come the time of questioning and mobilisation.


… and taking action

Awareness for the environmental cause is growing globally at various levels with rising involvement from politicians, companies, associations, institutions, philanthropic foundations and individuals.  If the intensity, sincerity and efficiency of engagement may vary, the movement is clearly underway.  This tendency is particularly prevalent with young people as heralded by the iconic Greta Thunberg. The youth of today, who have confidence in their personal ability to take action call for a joint effort from governments and companies to address the environmental issue[2].



Philanthropy for a more sustainable world

What about philanthropy? The environmental cause raises concern, indignation and agitation. But paradoxically, it holds a rather timid place among the causes supported by philanthropists. Environmental philanthropy accounts for only 7% of donations in France[3] and less than 5% in the United States[4]. And yet, the needs are colossal.

While the impetus and implementation of change will come first and foremost from governments, donors can also make a tangible contribution to preserving our common natural heritage. Because even if small steps are not enough, they really do count.



Each action counts

At Equestrio Foundation we are convinced that all actions are important, and that each donation contributes to reducing the climate and environment crises. Small is always beautiful!


Taking concrete action

We want to make our contribution by supporting human-scale projects that contribute to the protection of the environment and animals, in order to live together better.

We fund targeted initiatives, selected on the grounds of their viability and the commitment of those who carry them out.

Our first and foremost desire is to have a concrete and measurable effect and to enable our donors, both companies and individuals, to realise their aspiration for commitment with the certainty that their action will have a tangible impact.



And You?

Are you concerned, involved, impacted, struck by environmental issues? Do you have the desire to take concrete action?

Taking action is about giving: so don’t hesitate to make a donation to support our projects. This way!

Taking action is also about spreading the word: share our projects, our news (and many other things!) with others so that more people become aware of what can be done.





[1] According to an Ipsos-EDF survey carried out with 24 000 persons across 30 different countries and published by the  JDD in November 2019, 70%  of the person surveyed are expecting action from our governments to protect the planet.

[2] Survey “Acting for the environment”, INJEP, 06/01/2021. 82% of young people aged 18-30 call for a change in practices that do not rely solely on the efforts of citizens but also on those of companies.

[3] Admical barometer, 2018

[4] In 2017, of the USD 410 billion donated to charities in the US, only 3% were directed to environmental causes.

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