Not the “Black Friday” type? Then we’ve got a great plan for you, and no doubt you’re going to love it: Giving Tuesday. On 28 November, a wave of solidarity will be sweeping round the world. The opportunity for us all to unleash our generosity by donating time, money, objects, blood, skills or simply our voices to help make the world a better place! Are you in?


Feel the urge to take action?

You contemplate the world around you and realize how precious it is. But you also bear witness to geopolitical conflicts, climate change, injustice, and solitude. And you wonder what you can do –in a big or small way- to improve it. Tuesday 28 November is the time to take action with all the other generous souls in this world. Because it’s Giving Tuesday, and generosity is so much more fun when shared with others.


Join the global wave of generosity!

Giving Tuesday was launched in 2012 in the United States and is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, in response to the commercial frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2018, much to our delight, the movement crossed the Atlantic to encompass Europe. Foundations, private individuals, companies, schools, associations, public institutions… together on this special day, we are all encouraged to express the power of generosity through an act of solidarity.

And what if this was with Equestrio Foundation?


Help us to help them

Since 2019, we have been supporting around ten projects a year for the environment and animals through our funding, but also by putting the spotlight on these initiatives through our communication and premium photo or video reports. We always choose projects on a human scale and partners with whom we develop a genuine close relationship. Since our launch, all of these partnerships have strengthened our firm belief that each action counts, whatever it may be.


But we are of course eager to do more! With your donations, we know we can take our impact further. We need you to help the planet and all those who work every day, often in the shadows and in silence, for its future.



Giving Tuesday with Equestrio Foundation

Why give with Equestrio Foundation?

100% for the projects

For a number of reasons, but mostly because as our founder Alicia Heiniger covers all of the foundation’s operating costs, you can be certain that 100% of your donations goes to the projects. You have a direct impact, and you can experience it first-hand as we tell you all about how your donations are used.


Different causes, but all urgent

Giving for the preservation of bees in Geneva, of fawns in the Jura Bernois, of gorillas in the Congo, of wildlife in the French Jura or stray dogs on the Reunion Island…

Giving to fight plastic waste in the oceans, to clean up our Alpine mountains, to preserve the water of Lake Geneva…

Among the 46 projects we fund, there’s bound to be one for you.

Discover our projects


So, see you on 28 November!

It’s never too late to give. But time is of essence for the planet. And it’s happening on Tuesday 28 November. So let’s make “Giving Tuesday” a date! Come as you are, give what you can, no limits to the noise you make for the sake of Nature – and good vibes guaranteed…


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