As autumn is just around the corner, Equestrio Foundation is pleased to issue its first activity report. This document, which explains how the foundation works and focuses on the key highlights of the year 2021, is an opportunity for us to share with you the various actions we’ve carried out to protect animals and the environment.

Why read this report?


Because it’s good for the morale to see that things are moving forwards.

Equestrio Foundation came into being in 2019 when our founder, Alicia Heiniger, decided to give substance to her compelling desire to protect animals and the planet. This desire turned into an overwhelming need. Then, into a project, a foundation and… into action.

This report retraces the birth of our foundation and how we have worked to turn our convictions into very concrete actions to contribute, at our own level, to protecting our planet.

Action – a word that is today deeply needed…


Because it will boost your positivity.

“Less” is often “better” in many areas these days, especially when it comes to the environment and the use of natural resources. However, there is one unwavering fact– whatever else, there will never be too many positive things to tell you about! And positive is exactly what 2021 has been for Equestrio Foundation…


Throughout this report, you will get to meet inspiring people, the heroes of beautiful stories. We outline all the projects and associations that we have supported in Switzerland, France and internationally, in various fields such as wildlife preservation, care for abused animals, plastic waste collection in Cape Verde or reforestation of the mangrove in Senegal.

2021 was the year of impetus for us with the financing of 9 projects for a total amount of about 100,000 CHF – figures that are in line with our goals.


Because you’ll be able to see behind the scenes of Equestrio Foundation.

As you know we aim to be close to our supporters and to share with them. You will know everything about us!

Through this activity report, we describe, in all transparency, the foundation’s strategy, how it works and its team. You will learn more about our funding model, which is based on a fundamental caveat: 100% of donations are allocated to projects.

You will also discover what guides us in the choice of the projects we support and the rigorous process that defines the way we select initiatives that are viable in the long term and demonstrate a direct and concrete impact on the causes they uphold.


Because you will be amazed at what you see.

In keeping with our desire to make visible the invisible, our activity report is inevitably brimming with… beautiful images.

While Equestrio Foundation contributes to the preservation of the environment and the protection of animals through the financing of projects, we also aim to highlight these initiatives and the people who uphold them with exclusive photo and video reports that we share with the greatest number of people.

This report is another opportunity for you to delve into the heart of nature and the living world. A true immersion that will, once again, with no doubt remind you how precious our planet is.


Because it will awaken your desire to shout louder…with us.

As the world is faced with major health, economic, geopolitical and ecological challenges, we all know this: urgency is our new timing.

Despite the many uncertainties lurking in the future, Equestrio Foundation has made the choice to remain enthusiastic and optimistic. For the past 2 years, we have experienced and demonstrated that by taking action in our own way we can make a difference. Each action REALLY counts!

We are firmly committed to continuing the fight and we need you for that! If our president Alicia Heiniger currently provides the financing for all projects and overheads, our aim is to increase the number of donors, be they individuals or corporates, to develop and perpetuate our action.


So, more eager than ever to read this report? Good, just read on!👈

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