Launched in 2019, Equestrio Foundation is entering its 3rd year. If 2020 was mainly dedicated to the launch of our activities, 2021 has been the time of concrete action with 9 projects financed in favour of the protection of animals and the environment. It is therefore time for us to reflect on our achievements. And, in all humility, we are very proud of the work we’ve achieved!


A quick throwback on a year full of actions and emotions with Alicia, our generous and passionate founder.



Solid foundations for sustainable action

2021 has been a very positive and fruitful year for Equestrio Foundation.


We have selected key partners to cover all the areas of expertise needed to pursue our actions, whether in philanthropy, legal support or communication. We have created a solid set up to carry out our initiatives, always true to the two pillars that define our approach: funding of projects and communication.



A comprehensive approach: funding and communication

Our first purpose is, of course, to financially support human-sized associations that take concrete action for the causes they uphold. But our objective also consists in highlighting these initiatives as well as the people who make them happen. We strive to give maximum visibility to actions carried out in favour of the preservation of the environment and animal well-being. Making visible the invisible.


Inspiring and effective collaborations

In 2021, we financed 9 associations, mainly locally (in Switzerland and France) but also internationally, covering various fields such as, among others, wildlife preservation, care for abused animals, plastic waste collection in Cape Verde, reforestation of the mangrove in Senegal or awareness raising about the crisis of the living world with the film Animal by Cyril Dion.


We are proud to have had a concrete impact on exciting projects led by committed people who have placed their trust in us.



Cries for help and images

Keeping you informed about our various actions, adventures and encounters has also been one of our priorities. Through high-quality images and words, on social networks and our website, we are always eager to share our experiences to enable you to discover the commitment of all those people who strive daily to move things forwards.

More and more of you are following us and this energy acts as a driving force for us. Keep on spreading the word about our work, keep on sharing your ideas with us, keep on donating. I contribute to 100% of the foundation’s operating costs and your donations are entirely dedicated to the projects we support. They need us!


A thriving impetus to act

More than ever, as reiterated by the latest IPCC report, the environment is at the forefront of all concerns. And yet, it has never been so badly damaged by humans…This reality is truly painful, and it is impossible today to remain silent. The time has come for uncompromising lucidity and action.


While fear or anger certainly act as powerful triggers, we are convinced that hope is also a wonderful source of inspiration and catalyst for action.  At Equestrio Foundation, we always choose to celebrate the various advances that herald more responsible times. From the Kering Group’s decision to exclude animal fur from its collections as of autumn 2022 to the “come back” of certain species such as the giant panda, the southern white rhinoceros or the mountain gorilla…we can see some glimmer of hope.


Small or large, I consider it as crucial to always highlight the victories of nature and, above all, to make them happen, each in our own way.


Looking to 2022

In 2022, we will continue to do our best to alleviate the suffering of our planet and animals in any way we can. New and exciting projects will be launched. In the wake of 2021, many of them will also be continued, as we always aim for the long term when supporting an initiative.


A foundation that embodies my commitment to having an impact

Equestrio Foundation is for me the true fulfillment of my desire to take action to support authentic people who carry out concrete projects, that are accessible to all and achieve tangible impact.


I am so grateful to all those who, through their time and donations, allow us to advance in the right direction, and I look forward to further exploring these optimistic horizons with all of you.


Alicia Heiniger


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