This year, moved by the desire to see and experience things up close, our passionate founder Alicia Heiniger is going to the core of the action by spending “volunteer days” with the associations supported by her foundation. And of course, we will be sharing it all with you in our new video series “Equestrio Foundation in Action”! Between laughter and tears, aches and pains and exclusive discoveries, “EF in Action” embarks you on a no-filter journey into the heart of the reality of those who act daily to change the world.



Taking action in the field

At Equestrio Foundation, we have to admit that we tend to be a tad hyperactive. Or, to put it more delicately, action is our thing! So let’s roll.


This year, we’ve decided to diversify and strengthen our commitment to project leaders by participating in their work on a volunteer basis for a few days. Alicia Heiniger, the president and founder of our foundation, will therefore be visiting these everyday heroes who work tirelessly and often silently to safeguard our biodiversity.

The incredible power of generosity

Her goal? Connecting to their reality, getting to know them better, understanding their challenges, re-evaluating their needs and, above all… giving them much needed help. It should be borne in mind that many of the associations we support rely heavily on the commitment of their volunteers. While philanthropic or institutional funding is essential to the running of these structures, it is also, and above all, the energy of those who contribute their time and skills that keeps them going on a daily basis.


Alicia Heiniger in action

You know us well by now: impossible for us not to share with you these special moments, full of learning and emotions!


And it’s all happening in “EF in Action” – a series of authentic and entertaining video clips, available via social networks and on our website. This new format resonates with our determination to “make visible the invisible “ by inviting you to delve into the daily lives of these committed people that we help through our funding. Equestrio Foundation has chosen to support projects on a human scale in order to have a direct and concrete impact on nature and wildlife. But this choice is also driven by our desire to forge strong and productive ties, and to live this human adventure to the full with those who are at the root of these projects. Through these “volunteer days”, Alicia goes one step further in her heartfelt desire to set up support that is in line with their reality.



Enhancing our impact

We are also aware that it is crucial for our donors to understand and get a concrete grasp of how their donations are put to use. Through this immersion in the field, you will get the chance to discover the real impact of our donations and to evaluate with us the associations’ new needs with a view to long-term support.


So, curious to discover Alicia’s hectic, sometimes hilarious and always moving adventures? Coming soon in Equestrio Foundation in Action – tears, laughter and sweat guaranteed!


Header picture, Bertille Fonteneau

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