From education to civil disobedience. From large-scale political decisions to everyday actions. From climate marches to strikes or adopting a chicken. There are a so many ways to get the environmental and animal cause moving forwards. And what about art in all this? At Equestrio Foundation, we believe that artistic expression can act as a powerful force for change. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you a piece of committed art for each project we support in our “Piece of Art” section.



Art and the Equestrio Foundation, a long story

To tell you the truth, art is kind of in the DNA of Equestrio Foundation. At least in that of our founder, Alicia Heiniger! A skilled rider with a passion for animals and nature, she has always been eager to pay tribute to them through beautiful images, as illustrated by the photo and video reports associated with each of our projects. True to her strong artistic sensitivity, she strives today, through the foundation, to bring to light the artists who move her by exploring other forms of connection to nature through their art. And even more so when these creations echo the causes we support.


Hit right in the heart!

If our times can boast many innovations, committed art is nothing new. The Greek playwrights had already got it all very well: it is a formidable way to convey messages, to alert, to denounce and to call for action. There is a pretty good reason for this: beyond the rational, art touches us right where it should, in our deepest intimacy. Beyond logic (for the rational part, the last IPCC report does the job very well) it speaks to our body, to our sensitivity and to our emotions. And that, no one will be able to deny, is a fundamental trigger for progress.


Becoming aware

When we perceive the world as depicted by an artist in his creation, this leads us to seeing the world differently. It is what the philosopher Alain Roger calls “artialisation” (that was for the “philosophy” break!). So this is exactly what is at stake when we come across pieces of art that denounce plastic pollution or loss of biodiversity. The same goes for a creation that reveals the unique beauty of nature and animals because, let’s not forget, positivity is also a wonderful way to spur action.


Thank you to committed artists

Eye-openers or homage to nature, a growing number of renowned artists are thus using their art and fame to defend the environment and animals by leading us to see the world through their eyes and words.

In the field of visual arts, we can think of, among others, Bansky and his London graffiti I don’t believe in global warming, Lorenzo Quinn and his monumental sculpture of a hand emerging from the Venice Grand Canal or the Coral Arterfact of young Frenchman Jérémy Gobé that reproduces corals with lace stencils (if you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry. We will certainly not hold this against you… just a good opportunity to google these works!) Similarly, in the world of cinema, comics or music, from Michael Jackson to Moby and Julien Doré… the list is long and growing. Commitment is making itself seen and heard.



Our favourites featured in “Piece of Art

“Big” artists certainly play their part. But “smaller” ones too. A multitude of local artists take action through their creations to make visible the invisible. For each project that we finance, we have chosen to identify works by these committed artists that resonate with the cause involved. It is these creations that we seek to highlight through our Piece of Art” section on Instagram because we all know that the joys (as well as the torments!) of art are to be shared!

Whether a drawing of an elephant by Quibe, Tim Rees’s sheep, a four-handed painting of a caracal created in situ in Namibia by Olly and Suzi, a horse sculpture by Emma Tate or a sea turtle made of waste by Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo …we are happy to share with you our favourites from these talented committed artists.








What will be the next one? See you soon on Instagram!


Crédits: Img 1, Half Sea Turtle, 2019, Bordalo II, for ONO’U Tahiti Festival Graffiti – Pape’ete, Tahiti, French Polinesia, Selina Miles – Img 2, Ollysuzi – Img 3, Quibe

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