In our out? This is not really the kind of question that Thibaut Baronian mulls over. This professional trailer is always “in”, especially when it comes to hitting the great outdoors, as shown in the film “Ultra Cap” which goes back over his sporting and environmental adventure in Cape Verde. A film financed by Equestrio Foundation and available in just one click on all your small screens!



How can sport contribute to sustaining nature?

Thibaut Baronian, who has just won the title of “2023 French short trail running champion” with the Salomon International team, does not shy away from any challenge. He is actually always more than keen to set them himself, especially when he can combine his two passions: sport and environmental protection.


For Thibaut, nature is his passion, his work tool, his playground, his second home. Just like all of us, he needs it. And, through his numerous ventures in the wild, he has become more aware than ever that the same goes the other way round: nature needs us, too. He’s a firsthand witness that it’s becoming urgent to protect it. That’s why he took on the job of organizing the “Trail & Sea” adventure: to give an echo and visibility to this urgency.


Alerting to the impact of plastic waste with Trail & Sea

So, at the end of 2021, accompanied by a team of 10 people, Thibaut set out to conquer the beaches and peaks of Cape Verde.


8 islands, 8 summits, 400 km, +18,000 in 15 days with only one thought in mind: to raise awareness among the general public and local inhabitants about the impact of the plastic pollution that is devastating Cape Verde’s beaches. A real sporting challenge on an island where going off the beaten track and running headwind is the rule, and where “recovery” often turns into waste collection sessions! But, beyond performance, Trail & Sea is above all an environmental and human adventure, carried out in collaboration with local environmental protection associations and punctuated by precious encounters with the population of the various islands.


Thibaut Baronian and it's teammate Laurent Copin running in Cabo Verde

Thibaut Baronian collecting waste on a beach in Cape Verde


Ultra Cap: a film supported by Equestrio Foundation

Equestrio Foundation supported this initiative by the financing of 3 ploggings, of a part of the sailboat allowing the team to move from island to island with minimum ecological impact and the film Ultra Cap, which retraces the highlights of this adventure.


Directed by Julien Raison and Justin Galant, two talented videographers with strong legs and a great cardio, Ultra Cap is a pure mixture of nature and emotions, available on Salomon TV. We are happy to share it with you here and pretty proud of it!


🎬 Watch Ultra Cap 🎬



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