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You love to have a good laugh? Of course, especially at these peculiar times. So do we! And laughing is something to be shared. Especially when it contributes to raising awareness for essential causes, such as the protection of our biodiversity.


It is with this in mind that the Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva (ASL) has launched a series of 10 video clips planned over 3 years, in collaboration with the Swiss humourist Thibaud Agoston.

These 2-minute spots address the issue of the aquatic ecosystem of Lake Geneva in an entertaining way with the aim of raising awareness among the general public, and in particular among young people, about the necessity to preserve its precious natural diversity. It is indeed becoming crucial to take action to nurture the beauty of this lake and restore its purity.


With nearly 14 million microplastic particles floating on its surface, Lake Geneva is proportionally almost as polluted as the oceans. Easy to imagine what this involves for its fauna and flora… Through these videos, the association aims at alerting people to the richness of the lake’s ecosystem and fauna species in an accessible way and to foster the desire to protect it among the local population.


Equestrio Foundation has decided to contribute to the financing of some of these videos over the next 3 years. The first spot was released in December 2021 and the second one is scheduled for 2022. Available on all small screens very soon!



The Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva (ASL) is a French-Swiss non-profit, apolitical association the work of which is based on scientific research. It currently counts close to 4,000 members and has been active since 1980 to preserve the purity of the waters of Lake Geneva as well as its many rivers.  


The ASL plays a major role in safeguarding the quality of Lake Geneva’s ecosystem through concrete actions at grassroot level, numerous information campaigns and the lobbying of politicians, including an active participation in the drafting of certain laws.


After winning the battle against phosphates and polluting pipes, the ASL is now focusing on the issues of macro-waste, microplastics, micropollutants, invasive species and soil sealing.

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Bring visibility to the project by sharing the project with those around you!

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