For more than 30 years, in the heart of the Jura, the Athénas centre has been a real refuge for injured wild animals, who are cared for before being released back to the wild. A mission full of meaning, carried out by a team of carers whose professionalism equals their passion.  At the Equestrio Foundation, we decided to support this project which we consider as essential for the protection of our biodiversity.  Let’s take a look at our financing.




Preserving wildlife

In the commune of Etoile, the Athénas centre welcomes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other specimens which, it can be said, have been placed under a lucky star. That of Gilles Moyne, Lorane Mouzon-Moyne and Manon Clerc, the centre’s carers and pillars, who are on deck 7/7 to take care of animals in distress. Or perhaps under that of one of the 285 volunteer correspondents who cover nearly 168,000 km per year to rescue injured animals and take them to the centre.



A veritable increase in needs

The activity of the Athénas centre has literally boomed in recent years with close to 3,500 animals having been rescued in 2020. Is this trend a reflection of a society yearning for always “more” or a sign of the growing visibility of the association and the cause it upholds? Most certainly both. Whatever, one thing is sure:  while human energy and passion are most certainly formidable fuels, running and developing the centre also require numerous financial resources.



Our funding: when technology comes to the service of nature

A camera to follow the evolution of the lynx

At Equestrio Foundation, we have been truly impressed by the expertise and commitment of the Athénas team, which over the years has succeeded in making the centre a reference in wildlife conservation. We have therefore chosen to support its development by financing a video surveillance system in the enclosures dedicated to lynxes, for an amount of 11 369.60 euros.



video surveillance

video surveillance



A valuable tool for the balance of the animals

These emblematic figures of the wild fauna are highly sensitive to stress and their behaviour can be considerably altered by the presence of humans. This installation allows the team to monitor the evolution and rehabilitation of the felines while limiting the intervention of the carers. Remote monitoring is also essential for deciding when they are ready to be released back into the wild. Wide angle camera, central recording, remote consultation… when technology allows a return to origins.



Photo of the iphone screen of the video surveillance system of the athenas center 


A great move for lynxes. But not only…

The images collected will also contribute to improving knowledge of these species and will be used to raise awareness amongst the general public.

It must indeed me pointed out that the lynx is a fundamental link in our ecosystem: “As a super-predator, it disperses the roe deer and chamois herds, which improves their health and limits the browsing of the forests, therefore better allowing its regeneration and the development of other species.”, explains Lorane. Bet you didn’t know how much our nature needed the lynx? Neither did we.  But now we do! And we are delighted to contribute, in our own way, to its preservation and to our so precious biodiversity.





As you can imagine, considering the many warning signals sent by our planet, preserving wildlife is nowadays a vital issue. The Athénas centre team therefore has its head full of projects… So don’t hesitate, you too, to support them. Just as in nature, every action counts!






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