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Behind each action, there are passionate and inspiring men and women, who dedicate their lives to their projects. This is the reality of Sue and Rod Weeding, who came to Spain to enjoy their retirement and ended up founding the Easy Horse Care Rescue Center. For more than 10 years, they have devoted themselves to the well-being of more than 120 horses, ponies, donkeys, and other animals. They do considerable work, to run and finance the shelter, and work closely with the Spanish authorities to identify and rescue abused equines across Spain. This is done with the support of a volunteer team.



In this short interview, Sue and Rod talk about life at the center and their next challenges.


How did you get the idea for this project?
Someone had to do something, there was no one, so we did it!

What makes you happy?
Seeing all the animals in good health every morning.

Your ideal world?
A world where we could rescue more animals. This would only be possible with more financial support from the government and council. 

A story from the center?
The support of all the volunteers. When they all sing together in the field and all the amazing things they do on a daily basis.

How can we help you?
By spreading the word, encouraging people to volunteer and fundraise.


One of the biggest challenges over the next few years will be to find a successor to Sue and Rod so that the center can one day continue to operate without them.




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