In this fourth episode of “Equestrio Foundation in Action”, we head for southern Italy with one of our long-standing partners: Lampedusa Turtle Rescue. Here you’ll get to meet the centre’s volunteers and Dima, our video-maker, who is fascinated by underwater life and who gives us hands-on insight into the world of those who act daily to save turtles.

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What’s really going on in Lampedusa?

Lampedusa, better known for its European immigration issues, is less famous for the richness of its marine life, which is unfortunately also under great threat. Particularly the Caretta Caretta sea turtles which are faced with the hazardous consequences of fishing, pollution and global warming. Fortunately for them, there is Lampedusa Turtle Rescue: a center that cares for injured turtles and that is the pride of the island.


Saving  sea turtles

It is impossible for us to forgo the pleasure of sharing the work of this very special hospital with you through a new episode of “Equestrio Foundation in Action”.


For logistical reasons, we didn’t make it to the field this time. But don’t panic! Dima, our curious and committed videographer, made up for it by spending almost a week filming on rocky Lampedusa to give you an insight into the busy daily lives of the volunteer biologists and vets who, since 1990, have remained faithful to the same precept: every drop of water in the sea counts for the future of our oceans.


What will you discover in this episode?

  • You’ll discover that the challenges of the high living costs spare no one, even those who give selflessly. Faced with rising electricity bills, the centre has had to relocate and use all its ingenuity to preserve the quality of its activities. Challenge met!


  • You’ll discover the optimistic perseverance of the centre’s volunteers, for whom each action really counts. A veritable source of inspiration.


  • You’ll discover how the life of a huge turtle of 50 kg and 70 cm, which swallowed a small fishing hook, was saved thanks to the expertise of the centre’s vets. And all of them presented in a lighthearted way.


  • You’ll discover how it can bring tears to your eyes to watch, on a smartphone screen, the aforementioned turtle reconnect with its destiny.


  • And you’ll no doubt discover a whole lot more, that you’ll experience in your very own way as, after all, that’s what the unique power of images is all about.



Bon voyage to the country of turtles!


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Photos Mara Lisenko


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