Sharing. This is at the core of all the entities of the Equestrio Group, founded by horse-rider and philanthropist entrepreneur Alicia Heiniger. Equestrio Magazine, Equestrio Farm, and Equestrio Foundation share the same roots: a steadfast determination to take action to protect animals and the environment. They all turn this commitment into a reality – each in their own way, but always fueled by the desire to share the beauty of Nature with the largest number through art and stories.



Equestrio Magazine – A selection of the most beautiful online reports

Sharing the passion of the equestrian world through the power of images


Founded in 2003, Equestrio Magazine stems from both Alicia Heiniger’s passion for the equestrian world and her experience in the field of communication and the media. Now available in digital format, this magazine invites the readers to delve into the unsuspected diversity of the equestrian world through an original immersive visual experience.


Alicia’s love for horses is shared in a unique and authentic way and inspired by her artistic flair. Equestrio Magazine is a constant exploration of the connection between humans and horses that embarks you on a journey to the heart of exclusive adventures that reveal their secrets through the beauty of images and stories. Thanks to this unique prism, the reader is immersed into the heart of equestrian culture – its civilizations, its encounters, its territories, its art and its sport.

Photographers, video-makers, journalists and artists…we collaborate with talented people from all horizons to take you to places you have never been to before and experience as yet undiscovered emotions.


Troy Moth & Jessica Rodrigues for Equestrio Magazine


Equestrio Farm – A farm dedicated to animal well-being

Sharing the passion for horses with first-class stables


Equestrio Farm, created in 2021, is a unique equestrian domain with a boarding stable where owners can leave their horses in complete confidence.


Located in Massongy, near Geneva, in a beautiful rural setting, this place draws its inspiration from the sheer love and respect of horses. A true haven of peace dedicated to their well-being. Our experienced grooms are currently looking after around 30 horses who benefit from top-of-the-range facilities in a calm, spacious and restful atmosphere.


Designed for sports horse owners, our stables are organized and equipped to enable riders to progress and optimize their season through access to high quality equipment, coaching, and advice on horse selling.


Companies and the general public can also benefit from our domain and premises for the organization of photo shootings and receptions in an exclusive setting, characterized by the refinement of its design and its harmonious integration into the environment.


Finally, Equestrio Farm is also a place where nature, animals and humans can live side by side in harmony, a reflection of our commitment to preserving this precious and fragile balance. Bees, pigs and chickens live peacefully alongside horses and will certainly be joined by new companions in the future.


Zoé Bouillet for Equestrio Farm


Equestrio Foundation – Philanthropy

Sharing our passion to support projects aimed at wildlife and environmental protection.


Equestrio Foundation was created in 2019 by Alicia Heiniger who had always been eager to do something concrete for the planet. Equestrio Foundation is a donor foundation offering support to projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment and the protection of animals.

We take an innovative approach that aims not only to finance these projects but also to highlight these initiatives through exclusive photo and video reports, shared with as many people as possible. Our goal is to give a voice to those deprived of speech and to the hidden heroes who stand up for them.


Equestrio Foundation’s strategy is clear. We have chosen to fund human-sized projects, rigorously selected to ensure that they will have a concrete and direct impact on the causes they uphold. 100% of the donations are allocated directly to the projects since all operating costs are personally covered by our founder.


At the end of December 2022, Equestrio Foundation had already supported 25 projects worldwide for 17 associations.


Bertille Fonteneau & Pierre Antoine Boillon for Equestrio Foundation


An impact-driven group


All of Equestrio Group’s activities are complementary and interact with each other. They demonstrate our desire to stay firmly rooted in reality and show our commitment to having a tangible impact on the world of today and tomorrow.

We are deeply convinced that each action counts and we apply this belief to everything we undertake for animals and the environment, whether it’s giving voice to a cause, funding it or working in the field.

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